Went to therapist today

Feel better . I only get to see therapist every
Other month . My posts may be repitive about
My dad And fiancé Jewish me being Protestant
Before coverting to catholic I do miss the people
At my past Protestant church . I asked questions
About things I don’t understand my youth group
There says I’m still learning it ok to go to both cause
I miss my other friends and support groups they said
Since they don’t have bible studies for disabled
I can go as long as I come to mass. But sometimes
I go back and forth I guess I love God Protestant Jewish
And catholic ways love God in the Hanukkah
And Passover and the kosher deli sandwiches
Love the Eucharist and rosary at catholic and
Sacraments and love the music and social
Groups and bible studies at Protestant
Some say pick one I have always had a stubborn
Personalities all religions have rules some I like some
I don’t . Church no matter where helps my stress
And bipolar.
Even though I’ve come to a new traditions
I still miss old ones. There are times I go to synogogue
Or Protestant and then miss mass there’s weeks
I go to all.
Id love to take Hebrew get my bat Mitzva
At messianic I’ve been baptized 1st communion confirmation
Id love a Jewish wedding my fiancé and people say
Mazel Tov step on glass.
Maybe it Aspergers enjoy different
Religions love Jesus .

Glad you went to therapy. I hope it will continue to be helpful, although did you say once every other month? That’s not very often, but better some than none.

It can be a bit hard with matters of faith. May God help you with any questions you might have.

Keep attending Therapy sessions and pray to your God often. He will reveal Himself to you in time.
Prayers for YOU.

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