Were Adam and Eve "divinized"?


In the Garden of Eden, were Adam and Eve already “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4) as we will be when we reach heaven (God willing)?

Was the state of original justice a partaking in the divine nature already? Did they fall from this earthly state because the were not in heaven but on earth? A little help please.


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The state of Adam and Eve was very different than what will be the state of souls in heaven.

And very different from what will be the state of the just at the Resurrection and the new heavens and new earth.

Much more detail can be said …but no time…hope that helps.


This is correct. Adam & Eve did not experience the Beatific Vision.


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Read too on the Resurrection (ours too) and the new heavens and new earth




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Adam and Eve were as divinized as much as human beings could be in the flesh, and the temptation of Satan, the deceiver, was that they were NOT, but could be, if they obeyed him instead of God.

In terms of the story, all that they were lacking was eating of the Tree of Life to have eternal life. For a time, that door was open to them.


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