Were Adam and Eve in Glorified Bodies before the fall?

Just a thought that occurred to me…
We look forward to the resurrection when we will receive our glorified bodies.
So -
Were Adam and Eve in Glorified bodies before the fall.
Since the fall introduced death into the world…were they going to live forever?

Some things you don’t ever think about - - - - until you do…:smiley:

then you go…hhmmmmmm:hmmm:


If you study the way Jesus behaved after He rose from death, you would know what a glorious body means. Adam and Eve did not have such a glorious state. At least that’s my opinion.

My personal opinion is that they did not have a glorified body. I think that the nature if their bodies was different before the fall but that it wasn’t a glorified body. However that is just only an opinion so don’t trust me on that.

No, they were standard-issue human somas.

That was why they could subsequently a) procreate and b) die.

Our pneumatikon soma (spiritual body) will do neither.


Well, since they would not have known death, so they were at least glorified bodies in that they were immortal.

No; an immortal body cannot die.

They were standard-issue bodies.


This seems like the type of question that some great saint-theologian must have written about with great profundity. :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t know any references off hand.

In any case, I think it is more in the realm of theological speculation rather than something that has been solidified in dogma.

My initial theological opinion would be that they probably did not have glorified bodies in the same sense that we (God willing) will have in heaven. I base this supposition mostly on Aquinas saying “O happy fault, o necessary sin of Adam, that won for us so great a redeemer.” I have always taken that to mean that our redeemed state will be even better than Adam & Eve’s original state.

That makes sense. Adam and Eve were around before God Himself took on human flesh. The Incarnation sort of raises the dignity of our bodies up a few notches.

Interesting question to think about.

That wouldn’t die, a little different from ‘standard issue’.

Not quite.

They needed the tree of Life to stay alive, so chasing them away from it was enough to assure their death.

Sounds like their assured life was **not **intrinsic to the body, but something to be (and was not) **added **to the body.


But Jesus died and then his body was raised glorified. So if that can happen why couldn’t Adam and Eve go from a state of glory and unable to die to a fallen state where they could die. Sort of the reverse of Jesus.

I personally believe they where glorified bodies. After all Gods whole salvation process is about raising our bodies in the new hesven and new earth that will be like it was supposed to be in the beginning.

No. Glorification of the body is a form of transubstantiation, where the body retains all human characteristics, while taking on supernatural characteristics.

So, just as bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ, the bread and wine still is recognizable as bread and wine.

This glorification is event in scripture, when after his resurrection we see Christ still eating, showing his wounds to Thomas (who touched them, and felt them), yet had the supernatural ability to walk through the locked door of the room where the disciples were gathered, and hid his identity to those he walked with on the Road to Emmaus.

Adam and Eve had earthly bodies, but no supernatural characteristics, so their bodies were not glorified.

Peace and all good!

Yes, that is what some believe. Not the full glorified bodies that we will have after the resurrection, but preternatural, having capabilities beyond the natural state that we experience here and now.
Here is a related article by Jimmy Akin: ncregister.com/blog/jimmy-akin/did-animals-die-before-the-fall

Immortality was a preternatural gift from God. This gift depended on Adam remaining in the State of Original Holiness aka State of Sanctifying Grace.

Yes, indeed getting into the mysterious.

Jesus was in a perfect state himself, so why was His body not glorified before His own death? I guess that can be understood as his glorified body being hidden for the sake of drawing the faithfull apart from those who only believed the miraculous that they see. He did reveal His glorified body at the transfiguration, right?

I lean towards believing that Adam and Eve did have a type of glorified body. They were able to walk with God, in His presence! Heaven wasnt so seperate from earth. They were immortal. Then they died with their flesh. Jesus resurrected all flesh. Those to life AND those to damnation. After they sinned, their bodies became their prison and they were ashamed. The Spirit did not possess their bodies.

Now, we give consent for the Holy Spirit to heal us, and not until our judgment will we be fully forsaken of the Spirit or fully possessed. As it is, we are being filled, led, washed, and saved.

Thats my somewhat quick thought on Glorified bodies.

There is indeed some confusion as to our LORD’s natural human body, versus resurrectional body.

Much is made of His ability to walk through a closed door after His resurrection, yet in His human body (the body He died in) He walked on water, something likewise impossible for the standard human body (SHB).

Also, His luminous appearance in Heaven in Rev 1, is foreshadowed on Mount Tabor in his SHB.

The reason this was possible was that He was master of time as well as death and could show people aspects of His everlasting self even while He was still mortal.

A&E had no such command. Although we will see them in Life Everlasting as resurrectional bodies, they did not possess such bodies in human life. A body who must be kept from dying is not a “glorified body.”

From the Standard Human Body to Resurrectional Body is a one-way conversion.


Re: the Bolded above…
Peter had a SHB when he walked on water. What does that say about what is, “impossible for the standard human body”? :hmmm:


Likewise , Shadrack, Meshak, and Obendigo had their human bodies put into a fiery furnace and they were not consumed. I think we can find more examples of God’s miraculous protection.

Also the idea reappearing that “a body that God keeps from dying is not glorified” is profoundly wrong.

All things, are subject to God and his will. Even when we all have glorified bodies our existence is subject to his will.

The idea that when we have glorified bodies we cannot cease to exist, is to put us on plane with God himself. That’s an error.

Just as in the new earth we will be subject to God’s providence so too were Adam and Eve. This has no bearing on weather they had glorified bodies or not.

Point well taken.

I should have qualified, “impossible for the SHB, absent the intervention of our LORD.”

As to the youths in the furnace of Babylon, I imagine the fourth form seen in the flames with them to have been our LORD pre-incarnationally.

And although we will remain contingent beings in Life Everlasting, I still maintain there to be an important difference. A body who can theoretically die but who will not (the resurrectional human body) is categorically distinct from one who must be actively kept from dying but who one day will (you and I in our current bodies).


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