We're all getting fat

I have been noticing this as I walk around the mall.

“There are lots of theories about what’s causing the epidemic of obesity in America. Already, two in three Americans are overweight or obese. If current trends continue, some people believe a majority of Americans will be obese in another decade or so.”

But it’s also American Ingenuity that in their quest to innovate, Americans (God bless them) can always find something else to deep fry. DEEP FRY! Don’t ever change America, we LOVE you. :thumbsup:

Perhaps … eat less and healthy food. We are well fed and eat very well for our own good. ;):smiley:

Come to think of it, there are many people in the world who would not have enough to eat.

Edit: Pray more and fast more, may help too. At least during this Lent. :wink:


(I do draw the line at deep-fried Twinkies.)

I live in the American South so weight shifts are not uncommon for me but the good thing is as easy as it is for me to gain weight I don’t have a hard time losing weight

Being fat isn’t just caused by over-eating. That’s the number one cause, but depression and birth control (hormonal) also cause weight gain, so does stress, age and genetics. It’s very rare for people to have a legitimate illness that makes them magically gain weight, most of it is from over-eating and lack of exercise. However, our society is living off sugars,fats, and the most unhealthy things marketed as healthy, solely for convenience. Even things marketed as ‘fat free’ are sugar laden. Then you have thing’s like GMO’s, medications, and stuff that haven’t been around long enough to see what the long term affects on humans are.

Take for example the birth control shot Depo Provera. People who use that stuff are at risk for rapid unexplained weight gain, because the chemicals go to your brain and make you have unresolved hunger, not to mention it can cause infertility, breast cancer, and bone loss. I read a woman’s forum about birth control once, a few years back and some of the women there were saying they ballooned out of nowhere while on it. Then you have some medications like anti-depressants or anti-psychotics which make people very lethargic, hungry, and gain weight. 50% of American’s have a mental health issue at some point in their lives and maybe take medication for it. Some of it is genetic too. Basically most people are being lied to. The food they eat is not healthy, the drugs they take are not all safe and good for them, and most people are ignorant to how to deal with these issues. Rather than teach kids about sex, and birth control at inappropriate school ages, they should be teaching kids to be more active, and eat smaller portions and not be so quick to poison their body. Society is quite narcissistic.

It’s not just Americans either, visit Mexico or some parts of South America and see. Here in Europa we have lots of overweight people too. It’s becoming a ‘‘world issue’’ now rather than an American issue.

I lost my son three years ago, forever 28, to complications resulting from super morbid obesity. Most everyone in my family is overweight to some extent but no one has ever been as obese as my son was. I know it wasn’t just a case of “wanting to eat all the time”. He was addicted to sugar, carbs and basically all the bad stuff. Like most addictions, food was a “friend”. It brought him comfort, love, friendship, and lots of other emotional feelings. But also like most addictions, it eventually becomes your worst enemy. He also had lots of issues such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety disorder and phobias. He tried about every diet known. He had some success sometimes but would always come back to food whenever something happened that was distressing or upsetting happened to him. Sometimes even something good might even cause him mess up. But he tried, everyday, to start over again especially his last couple of years. Many many many nights he would call me crying, apologizing for once again failing that day. Begging me to not be upset with him and promising that he would do good “tomorrow”. He always worried that I would be upset or disappointed in him. How could I be?

Anyway, I just wanted to maybe share some experience I’ve had with obesity and to say that it is not just a case of eating too much. Maybe it is in most cases, but not in all cases. I know…

Deep-fried Butter sticks?

shuddering :eek:

This is the most serious problem for our country causing diabetes and many other ailments to skyrocket. It’s the reason why our ‘heath outcomes’ are low in spite of excellent hospitals.

The cause is that we have the wrong attitude about what is a healthy weight. We need to adopt a middle ground somewhere between ‘fat shaming’ and ‘fat acceptance’. I would equate it to love the sinner but hate the sin.

I speak with personal knowledge, I’m on a journey to lose 100lbs in 2017, down 28 so far this year.

So sorry to read about your son,marymmma…

A diet study was conducted in the 1970s; the same study was re-implemented recently and folks (of the same height and starting weight) did not lose the same amount of weight. Indeed, something has gone awry with our food supply and chemicals in households, furniture, etc.

Speak for yourself, I just lost 11 pounds.

So sorry to read about your son,marymmma…


Most of your statements about birth control are myths. Particularly as it pertains to newer forms of birth control pills.

It’s all about Calories In vs Calories Out. People eat more now and are less active.

Starbucks and Fast Food were not pervasive in the 70’s.

A Big Mac meal with just med fries and drink is ~1,000 calories. If you get a large shake and fries, you are approaching 2,000 calories.

Your typical man shouldn’t go over 2k calories a day.

Eww. Fried ice cream, however, is a treat. But only in single servings.

However . . .


Unfortunately, those who don’t suffer from addictions, or who refuse to recognize their own addictions, will always have a difficult time recognizing and sympathizing with the sufferings of those who are addicted, or who are addicted to other things.


I didn’t say anything about pills, I mentioned the Depo Provera and the side effects of it are NOT a myth, it is a very unsafe drug for young women to take! Now that you mention it though, I wouldn’t even trust the pills. It’s not natural or healthy to take man-made hormones.


It is both irresponsible and against forum rules to give medical advice.

You should always speak to your doctor before starting, stopping, or changing any hormonal treatment for any reason.

Always interesting come County Fair time in the summer to see what new item they’ve decided to deep fry this year. Butter, Ice Cream, Bacon, Cheese Burgers, Cotton Candy, you name it…

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