Were all the nations the Israelites invaded and conquered in the Old Testament "evil?"


There is evidence that the religious ban on other nations intermingling, living among, and marrying with the Israelites was never as strict as it was supposed to be. It was probably one of the primary reasons Israel struggled with committing adultery with the Canaanite Baals and idols for such a long time. Even Solomon himself succumbed to it. It became incredibly dangerous, almost reaching the point of the average Israelite seeing little difference between Yahweh and the Baals.


You’re very welcome. The number of child sacrifice sites that archaeologists have found, and the burnt conditions of the infants’ bodies, reflect that the Biblical accounts of sacrifices to Moloch, (or Cronus, or Ba’al Hammon, or whichever name the unclean spirit used) are accurate. Infant sacrifice in exchange for the material well-being of the family seems to have been common throughout the Mediterranean.

Actually, it’s not surprising early civilizations did infant sacrifice at ALL. You kind of hinted it at the beginning, but what does America do, if not a modern, secularized version of child sacrifice in abortion? Back then, they sacrificed babies to gods - these days, society sacrifices babies for economical advancement. Wow…that is SCARY. No, it’s making a strange kind of sense…no, I believe it…

There is a site underneath a bathhouse in Rome (apparently used by prostitutes) which contains the bones of over 100 newborn babies (here is a short article about it from Archaeology magazine: archive.archaeology.org/9703/newsbriefs/ashkelon.html). The Roman head of the household was not only allowed, but required to kill a deformed newborn (as were the Greek Spartans).

What is astonishing is how the culture of death today is expanding outward from the womb to the ancient world’s acceptance of neonaticide. In some countries of the world, a mother cannot be charged with murder for killing a newborn up to age one, only manslaughter (and often, not even that) - including England, Turkey, Sweden, and Brazil. Statistically, mothers who kill their own babies - especially white, middle and upper class mothers - are dealt with by the justice system in a far more lenient fashion than other murderers. As Forbes magazine reported, “only 29 out of 42 mothers who caused their newborns’ deaths were charged with homicide. Often lesser charges like the unlawful disposal of a body were all the other women faced. In the punishment phase, the sentences handed down ranged from parenting classes and counseling to thirty years behind bars.”

And animals were trained to have sex with humans? Seriously, is that even possible? You don’t think it’s just ancient-era libel?

It’s sad that I have to know this, but the men in many countries still think the idea of a stage show with a woman having sex with an animal trained to do such things is high entertainment, such as the infamous “donkey shows” in Tijuana, or similar shows in other parts of the Third World. Even now, there is a thriving market for bestiality pornography on the Internet, and it’s a common theme in child pornography. A senior scientist at the CDC (and a woman, no less!) was even charged with child molestation and bestiality in Decatur, Georgia in 2011. I doubt most of the people who enjoy that kind of thing even want to have sex with animals themselves, they just enjoy the sight of women and children being degraded by having sex with animals. It reaffirms their own twisted view of humanity, or something.

Sorry to talk about such sad and depressing things.


Come, Holy Spirit.
Lessee…Where to begin…In the beginning, everybody was monotheist. There were divergences from orthodoxy on two counts: one was decadent monotheism which I call orthodox paganism with people making mistakes because of confusion over time; and there was active rebellion against all God revealed about His nature and His will, which is simply satanism. Various waves of satanism have been accounted as the “patriarchal revolution” that overthrew the widespread Genesis 3:15 “Woman & Seed” culture of inheritance by the youngest; marriage to the queen-mother defining kingship not vice versa; the woman’s storage and distribution of food in her office as EN, literally “grace” or woman of grace, i.e., queen-mother; and lineage and land inheritance through her.

This Woman & Seed system was overthrown by a kind of parallel to the Freemasons, lodge dwellers who threw down the landmarks, raised a terrorist ruckus, and overturned God’s system. Abraham and Sarah are a great place to look at for the hinge culture clash of the original monotheists and the usurpers. Abraham and Sarah were half-brother & half-sister through their dad and not mom. So Abraham and Sarah were considered to be unrelated under the ancient system. Sarah was an EN, and kings wanted to marry her to lay claim to lands and power and authority and bolster the “new” king system and subvert this link with orthodoxy. I suspect that’s what Solomon was doing with all his foreign wives.

Abraham and Sarah were called out of Ur of the Chaldees/City of the Chaldees which was the same infernal cesspool that, centuries before, had risen against the son of an EN, Sargon the Great, with evil priest Lugalan trying to rape Sargon’s daughter, EN-Heduanna, to take over the kingdom. Come, Holy Spirit, to show the laser-like continuity here. Under the bad guys, the EN was made a temple prostitute (as in Christ’s lineage) her hubby was killed or enslaved and her children were killed. This is a natural ? outgrowth of God’s Genesis 3:15 cursing of Lucifer and his minions with the Woman & Seed. WWSD? What Would Satan Do? Make war on women and children and crash Genesis 2 marriage to do it. See any modern parallels?

Earthquakes over the ages in northern India drove people into the Middle East who were good guys and bad guys: orthodox monotheists; and satanistas. Hebrew roots run deep here. In India there is still the cultus of Brahma & Sarasvati/Abraham & Sarah, but this has been subverted to the bad guy Arya (Aryan) cults of outsider Hinduism brought in by the Arya and which included human sacrifice. So Abraham buys the twin caves of Machpelah to bury Sarah and is told to take them gratis as he is a prince among their people. Abraham demurs, and pays cash to separate himself, not genetically, but ideologically and religiously from his kindred.

The Chosen People were an orthodox remnant fighting the rebels who ripped off the Woman & Seed system in the first place. So the guys the Hebrews were eradicating were those who overthrew God’s Woman & Seed system. Point one, therefore, is that the Hebrews were taking back, not taking, land from the rebels who instituted novelties like kingship and were counting lineage through the male only.

Point two is that Moses warned the Hebrews to keep away from the Canaanites. Then there is a later proscription against anybody with a drippy STD-like discharge from coming into camp as if perhaps the people did kick it with the Canaanites. So in those instances where God demanded total and utter destruction not only of men, women and children but burning all their goods and animals, it might be because of a disease vector that would have threatened the survival of the Hebrews. But there is also a lineage that escaped because of disobedience to God’s command to annihilate one peoples totally. It came back to bite them with this tribe’s leader’s demand, in the book of Esther, that all the Hebrews be eradicated. “God told you to kill 'em all.”

Point three is that satanistas are entirely derivative. They take what God says and what His people do and pervert it. It’s like seeing a sign on a door that says “push” and pushing somebody. So Cain slays Abel they wall up people alive in walls for good luck and engage in human sacrifice. Noah gets drunk and naked, so they get drunk and naked in Bacchus-type cults. It’s like Fr./Dr. Martin Luther “obeying” SOLA SCRIPTURA in his wedding sermon to take multiple partners like the patriarchs did. Oy. This is satanic and they knew better and did it anyway so feh to them. May God preserve us from sin and see us safely home to Heaven.


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