Were facial hair for men are forbidden with members of true jesus church?

Hai there guys, I would like to ask a question regarding about the True Jesus Church ( a Chinese Christian denomination in China ).
Have anyone there perhaps a member of True Jesus Church can give me some explanation why your man are forbidden or banned from growing a facial hair?
Is your church make it a “standardise” for every members ( man ) to clean shaven?

That all for now, I hope some one there can help me…tq

No, the Catholic Church does not make it a requirement that men shave their facial hair.

Some saints actually encouraged the growth of beards and many (most) clergy of the Eastern Churches have beards.

I’m pretty sure that he was asking why this Chinese church, not the Catholic Church, forbids facial hair.
I really don’t know because I’ve never heard of them.

My mistake I misread, I thought the OP was asking for a comparison.

The ‘‘True Jesus Church’’ is a Pentecostal Church but I know nothing about them not permitting facial hair.

In some places, facial hair has cultural meanings. It may be due to that.

That’s about it.

Especially in China. Facial shaving is important among Han Chinese in PRC.

We have similar types of idiosyncrasies around the world. I am rather surprised a church would demand this particular conformity, since the original Christians could not be said to have done the same.

I figured as much.

I think it was St Francis Xavier that altered his facial hair to comply with cultural concepts in Japan.

Is this required of Mormons also? All the modern ones I have come across seem clean-shaven.

Since c.1970 the mormon church requires men to be clean shaven, and keep their hair cut short. It is seen as rebellious and disobedient to not conform. I know a few rebels.

If your exposure to mormons are their missionaries only…it is absolutely required that mormon male missionaries are clean shaven, have short hair, wear well pressed, dark, business suits with white shirts, ties and well-polished shoes.

I know nothing of this Chinese church, but looking around at Chinese Americans I have never seen one with facial hair, I don’t think they are capable of growing it due to genetics.

Full blooded Native Americans are also hairless, they came from Asia too, originally.

(Kind of wish I had a little asian blood in me, as a black Irish, I am way too hairy):irish2:

Well, I’m not Chinese but I do have an interest in Chinese culture and history… I’ve seen plenty of ancient paintings with bearded Chinese men, and the Terracotta army also features many bearded statues. So this would seem to say that they are indeed able to grow facial hair, and if it some how conflicted with their culture, why does this seem so common in the art?

That’s the same argument I make.

However, my wife and all her relatives and friends aren’t buying it. When we travel to China my wife asks me to shave, she doesn’t want anyone to ridicule us.

I recently learned the words for “hairy foreigner”, she tells me that slur is reserved for Russians!

China, dispite what the Communist government claims, is not made up of only one culture or even ethnicity. Some parts may see facial hair as a sign of stregnth or wisdom, others a sign of lack of civility.

I would think, though, that in the case of this religious group, it has more to do with separating itself from the dominate thought in the area.

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