We're going to be teaching engaged couple's class at our church


whew…we start our training for it next month. It’s a 4 part class with various topics that the engaged couples have to take before getting married.

Just wondering if anyone else here does this?

There is a video set and questions and stuff so we don’t have to come up with much on our own. But if you have any recommended reading to help us prepare let me know.
I was listening to catholic radio, maybe it was CALive, not sure, but they had someone on talking about how to resolve marriage issues, one of the points was that if you just give it time it will sort itself out…anyone know what I’m talking about and if this man has written a book?


We’ve done sponsor couple - one on one marriage prep.

The 5 Love Languages is a good book for you and the engaged couples. So is The Temperament God Gave You.

Both have to do with the way we relate to others, which has been very helpful to us.

Be sure to include lots about NFP. Too many couples misunderstand the teachings in that area.


There is an online marriage prep class that the diocese of Colorado Springs does. My aunt’s parents are actually the ones teaching it. They might have some ideas for you. Their website is

Another good book is For Better Forever by Gregory Popcak.


As a newly married woman who went through a smiliar marriage prep, I’d say there are many books - depending on the topics you will be discussing. We took five classes, I think, ranging from sexuality to finances.

For finances, there’s a book by Dave Ramsey that is really great.

For theology of marriage - Love and Responsibility by JPII, Three to Get Married by Fulton Sheen

For sexuality and Church teaching - The Good News about Sex and Marriage by Christopher West (my husband and I give this book to every couple we know who is getting married)

For practicality and prepping for the ceremony itself - Marriage is for Keeps

I second The Five Love Languages and For Better…Forever!

Plus, a recommended NFP class wouldn’t hurt either :smiley:


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