We're HOME!


I just had to SHOUT it somewhere :slight_smile: We are HOME! Last night at the Easter Vigil my wife and I finally came HOME.

My wife, who had been professing since High School, had never been Baptised and was Baptised into the Church last night in a very wonderful service.

I after many years of understanding and study was recieved into full communion with Christ’s Church.

For confirmation I choose the name Peter. Since a child I have always felt like Peter because of his early successes and failings but in recent years I have come to understand and hope to practice apologetics in the future. Thus Defender of the Church seemed applicable from that sense as well.

My wife chose Brigid of Ireland. Our Pastor spend about three times as long talked to her as everyone else so what they were talking about in front of the Church was $10,000 question at the reception afterward.

A year ago she was scared and even 6 months ago didn’t know if this was what God wanted her to do or not. Last night I never saw her more beautiful nor as radiant. Her description of the night was that it was “perfect.” Her sponsor got her a very nice Rosary blessed by the Pope and many of our friends were there to welcome us.

While we all struggle with certian sins, I know we both truly felt the Grace of the Eucharist after communion strengthen us. Christ’s real presence was definitely felt and known.

We close on our first house at 9:00 AM tomorrow morning. It’s been a whirlwind month but we have been more blessed than we could ever imagine.

I just wanted to share with everyone here at CA.

We are very happy to finally call ourselves, Catholic.

In Christ,


**Welcome home!!!:dancing::clapping::extrahappy:

I am a convert too and I understand that feeling of finally being where I am meant to be. Congrats and may God continue to give you the grace to handle whatever life throws your way:)**


As they say on Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, but with far more importance here:

Welcome Home jwashu Family - Welcome Home!!!




Welcome home to you and your wife! My husband came into
the church ten years ago this Easter. May God bless you
as you grow in your faith. I love to read posts like yours,
they bring tears to my eyes. So many don’t realize the treasure
they have in being Catholic.


Welcome home!!! Blessings to you and your family!


Congratulations and many years of blessings to you both!!!


Hooray! I know the feeling. It’s the most wonderful of wonderfuls. Enjoy!


I was also baptized last night during a beautiful Easter Vigil mass. Congratulations!!!


Sharing in you & your wife’s joy! May the Lord bless you both abundantly with peace, happiness, and joy! :smiley:


Thanks be to God! Alleluia! Alleluia!:smiley:


Hello NewSeeker, Congratulations! And Alleluia! We made it. :slight_smile:


Welcome home!

The Church is already richer!



Awesome! :smiley:


I know the feeling of COMING HOME at last. Two years ago we were finally confirmed into the One True Church.
Thank God for you and your wife - you are a blessing to us all!


welcome Home!!! God bless you both!


Isn’t the Lord amazing and wonderful? Welcome Home!!!


W O O H O O !

Blessings upon you all!


W00t!1 A very 13374 Congratulations. :smiley:


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