Were marriages restricted to the nobility?

Some who promote “gay marriage” say that, in the past, marriage was more restricted than it is today. They point to some states’ ban on inter-racial marriages (true), but then claim that during the Middle Ages only those in the noble classes were allowed to marry.

 I majored in medieval history in college and have never once seen any suggestion of this. Is there evidence supporting that claim? Put another way, on what, if anything, do the claimants rely as proof? On the contrary, is there evidence that marriage was in fact open to all classes?

 Thank you.


Dear Illini,

Make them back up their claims. This is your field. You have no reason to be passive in this. The sacrament of Matrimony was certainlyl available to the peasants in mideival times. Simply because in some places at certain times marriage betwen certain races was not allowed by civil aurthorities, does not mean that now marriages between members of the same sex must be allowed.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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