We're more likely to believe in the supernatural than God?: Number of people who think they have a sixth sense is higher than those who regularly attend church


*]More than half give credence to the supernatural, a survey shows
*]But only 49 per cent believe in God
*]10 per cent of respondents even claimed to have a supernatural power

I have noticed this before; I have relatives who still consider themselves Catholic but never go to Church (and are even persuading me to not return) they believe in mediums, Spiritualism, visit palm readers/psychics and are interested in New Age stuff like healing stones, dream catchers etc.

What I find interesting (and I’m using the word interesting here to mean weird and intellectually lazy) are people who will readily believe in aliens, crystal power, etc. that categorically disdain the idea of God. These same people react as though a belief in God and His only Begotten Son is naive and ridiculous.

But, upon reflection, an amethyst crystal doesn’t ask that you choose to live in a manner congruent with moral values. :rolleyes:

‘Supernatural’ is a Christian term, technichally. ‘Unnatural’ is used to designate anything which is outside nature (what is common and continuous) and which is evil. The supernatural occurs when God superadds to nature. As far as I can tell, so-called ‘sixth sense’ is commonly thought of as ‘intuition’, which is neither supernatural nor unnatural, merely unquantifiable.

Secularists deny that there is anything unnatural and mock the concept of the supernatural. So, the term supernatural has no negative connotation, properly understood.

If we had a paranormal sense (not **sixth, ** as our somas already have six senses, the sixth being kinesthesia or muscular proprioception), it would NOT be “supernatural.” Such would just be yet another feature of our natural human psychosoma.


I believe in the supernatural because I believe in God.

Holy splitting semantic hairs, Batman! :smiley: I don’t think the point of the OP was the actual word supernatural.

:clapping: I think you hit the nail on the head. Many strong Catholics seem to be what I call “plugged in” or spiritually tuned, perceptive, and aware. The secularists on the other hand, feel empty or hollow, little or no perception.

Just because non-religious people don’t see apparitions in burnt toast doesn’t mean we feel empty or hollow.

I find these statistics odd. Whenever I hear someone talk about religion in the middle ages, they always scoff at how the poor, ignorant masses thought angels and demons controlled their lives, saints relics performed miracles etc., and how we are better now. Apparently not.:rolleyes:

As Catholics we are required to believe in the supernatural. Just sayin…

It wouldn’t surprise me altogether if various superstitions correlated negatively with religiosity. I’m used to be surprised whenever I found out that a secular-minded person (even ones with great contempt for religion) believed in such things as ghosts, homeopathy, etc., but it seems more common than I would’ve thought. I shouldn’t be so surprised, as some such people also often believe in absolute morality and universal human rights without apparent rational reasons. Fideism I believe is the word for it.

Anyway, didn’t Freud posit that religion was a sort of preemptive neurosis which ‘served the purpose’ of preventing other neuroses?

Just because people aren’t non-religious doesn’t meant hey see apparitions in burnt toast.

10 per cent of respondents even claimed to have a supernatural power

Lol. This one may be more an issue of narcissism than of superstition. Sounds like the population of egotheists is on the rise.

Somewhere, sometime, I heard a stat from a book written maybe several decades ago. It said that the people currently living on earth make up an estimated 7% of the total human population that has ever lived. Gives you something to think about.

The OP also reminds me of a questionnaire conducted about belief in personal salvation. People were given maybe three options, like Hitler, Mother Teresa, and themselves. When asked the question, “Who do you believe has a good chance of being in heaven,” Hitler received the lowest percentage. Do you know which option received the highest? The results found that as a whole, more people thought they were going to heaven than Mother Teresa. Also something to think about. :slight_smile:

People who believe they possess supernatural powers are drivem by their ego. Thus, they dont believe in God.

I was just about to mention Kinesthesis. You beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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