Were my prayers answered? I'm confused


:blush:A couple nights ago, I went to be very depressed and upset, becuase I was doubting my faith in God, and in His existance. It was troubling me a lot! I made sure to close the blinds before I went to sleep.
I had prayed very hard and earnestly that God would give me a dream or other sign that would tell me He was truly watching over me. I dreamed that I was sitting at a table with a male person, and the person told me to read some bible verses and showed them to me in a Bible. I remember “comfort” being mentioned or hinted at during the dream. Then when I woke up (at 3 am) I was standing in the middle of my room. I looked out the window…the blinds were open, so I must have opened them in my sleep. I really think I saw a thick, rather pale and opaque ray of light move a short distance near a grove of trees outside my window, then it wasn’t there anymore. I went to sleep after that.
Do you think it was a dream? Or was it a small sign from God? Have you had any similar experiences? This one really helped my faith, whether it was real or not. So, what is your opinion?
Thanks so much for your time.


a dream can be a sign from God.
you asked God for help and he comforted you.
we all have frantic needs at times and if we turn to God he will help us. i was going crazy about an issue i was having with my neighbor, rehashing useless conversations over and over in my head. i cried out to God and he took the craziness away from me.
whether it is a “sign” or a release from your troubles is immaterial, in the end it is God pulling you up from the darkness.


My dear friend

3 am is a significant time. Satanists begin there black mass then as a mockery of our Lord dying at 3 pm. But what may have happened is many monks pray at 3am and maybe you benefited from some prayers. Everything depends on God to exist or happen so why not an answer to your praer.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


This one really helped my faith, whether it was real or not. So, what is your opinion?
Thanks so much for your time.

I think you answered your own question! :blessyou:


You asked for a sign and God gave You that. So, my sister/brother, from my own experience as a christian, whenever I ask God for a sign, He actually does that.

I can only tell you to stop doubting God for He lives even in your darkest moment when it seems there’s no hope; God is there trying to test your faith, if not, how will you tell him that you truely love Him. Our God is alive and, He always cares.

May God strengthen your faith in Jesus’ name. :amen:

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