Were parents targeted due to zero tolerance?






This is the Trump supporter’s response to this:


This might demonstrate the exact opposite of what liberals think it does. “Prosecution” does not happen right away due to the numbers of illegals caught. This might simply demonstrate that illegals with accompanying minors (many of which are not their children) are given precedence in processing.


That would prove that it was the administration’s goal to torture as many children as quickly as possible.


No reason to think it. Good reason to think the opposite.


If the government was using its prosecutorial discretion to prosecute family groups then it was choosing to tear these families apart.


Not really. If it accelerated hearings, the ones with a legitimate claim for asylum would have been released into the populace with the minors if they were really their children. Some wouldn’t because some of the “parents” are really human traffickers.

For the ones whose asylum claims were deemed without merit, they were deported with their children.

Either way, they got precedence over those who came without any minors.


Yes, they got precedence because the stated goal of the Trump administration’s policy was to inflict suffering on families as a deterrent to future immigrants.


It’s blindingly clear that they had no plan in place on how to reunite these children with their families. It’s less clear if they ever planned on reuniting them but I fear the worst. To me it looks like this was intentional in order to look tough and scare others from coming here illegally or to claim asylum.

Now it looks like Trump is going after legal immigration/naturalization.


Steven Miller strikes again. :angry:


What did you think they were going to do with the minors (they’re not all “children”)? Did you think the administration was going to sell them into slavery like some of their alleged “parents” had in mind?

Please read the Flores decisions by the Ninth Circuit and then you’ll understand why the adults and minors were separated. Until then, you won’t. You owe it to yourself to learn.


Except they aren’t trials, they are legal proceedings to determine the validity of a claim of asylum of people who voluntarily came to the U.S. and submitted themselves to the government for this exact process.


Please allow me to make a friendly adjustment to this statement. Some of the adults came here to seek asylum. But probably most did not, and only claimed asylum when they were caught. If they had come in through ports of entry and claimed asylum right off, they would not have been detained at all. It’s because they avoided those ports of entry and sneaked in through areas that are not authorized that they were caught and detained.

Quite possibly not a single one is really an asylum seeker.


I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt!


No. The asylum requests are different than the trials to prosecute the misdemeanor border crossing violation.

So parents and kids are being targeted for criminal prosecution.

Adults with no kids aren’t.


They don’t charge minors with crimes except for those few who have committed heinous crimes and are nearly adults anyway. As mike pointed out, this whole “prosecution” claim is phony. Illegal entrants of any age don’t get criminally prosecuted for the first entry anyway.


Put them in foster care and forget about them is my guess.


REad the Flores decisions. That’s a long way from being true. I will caution that they’re a bit circuitous. You have to understand earlier ones in order to understand the latest one. In the latest one, the Obama administration was ordered NOT to place adults with children, period, but to provide nourishment, shelter, education to the minors while the adults are awaiting their asylum hearings.

ICE is a law enforcement organization. That being the case, it can’t detain minors. HHS is a welfare organization. So the minors are turned over to HHS while the adults are being held by ICE.


Yes, that’s why they were separated. Why didn’t they have a plan to reunite them?

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