Were sinners in the OT spared from the death penalty if they repented?

There are laws in the OT where God commands someone to be put to death if they commit a certain sin.

If that person repented before the execution, would they be spared?

I do not think so in most situations.
The penalty for what Adam and Eve did was death but God showed them mercy.
Also David sinned grievously but repented and God was merciful to him
Any one that was a murderer had to die. If one killed someone by mistake, they had to go to a city of refuge. They would then go through a trial to prove they did not mean to kill that person (no intent to murder).
Other serious crimes had to also be tried except when it was a murder, then the family of the person killed, could kill the murderer (an eye for an eye, a life for a life etc…)

When Christ came he took “the curse of the law” on His own shoulders, and He opened the way to God’s mercy where we can repent and be forgiven.

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