Were the Anti-Popes called Anti-Pope during their reign?


During the Avignon schism, when the Pope resided at Avignon and the Anti-Pope in Rome, were the Anti-Popes called ‘Anti-Pope’ in their own day? Or was this a term only applied to them retrospectively after the schism had been sorted out?

I can’t really imagine anyone CHOOSING to follow the Anti-Pope instead of the Pope if their titles made it that obvious!

What happened elsewhere in the Catholic world during this time? Did different parishes or different diocese pray for the Pope and others for the Anti-Pope? Were some religious orders loyal to one, and others to the other, or were orders split, or did they largely ignore the split? Did they even mention the Pope by name in the bidding prayers at that time? I would imagine ordinary lay Catholics at that time would have been largely unaware of the goings on in the Vatican, they didn’t have EWTN back then after all!


Well it’s like today - there ARE other people apart from Benedict XVI running around today claiming the title of Pope. Of course THEY don’t believe they’re Anti-Popes, nor do those people who follow them, they all believe they’re the true Pope and they call them Pope.

Now Benedict XVI and his supporters might call them Anti-Popes, and since he’s very widely acknowledged to be the true Pope, then the label of ‘anti-pope’ will stick for the other claimants. But then they might also call Benedict XVI Anti-pope. At the very least they imply the title by saying he’s not the true Pope. But they don’t care what he calls THEIR ‘Pope’, they follow him and believe in him anyway, neither do we who follow Benedict XVI care what these other jokers call him, do we? :shrug:


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