Were the Apostles aware?


Were the Apostles aware (before it happenned) of the necessity of Jesus dying for the sins of the world, and did they know he would be resurrected within three days?

Judging from their actions/responses to Jesus arrest and crucifixtion, I am not sure that they did, (Although I am fairly sure Mary was in the know about it.)

True, Jesus did speak frequently that his “hour was coming” and that he would have to suffer. But unless I’m mistaken I am not certain he ever explicitly spelled out the exact nature of the passion?

It would make sense if the apostles were somewhat in the dark. If they were not in the dark about it Peter would never have cut off Malchus’ ear in anger of Christ’s arrest, and would not have felt guilt over the denial of Jesus three times.

Shortly before pentecost,I believe the apostles were congregated together in a room, demoralized and in fear for their lives. If they knew everything beforehand, they wouldn’t have been shocked to see Jesus, and “Doubting Thomas” would not have doubted quite so much.

If my theory is true, than I believe Judas’ perfidy becomes a bit more apparent. It becomes clear that Judas did not want to bring about humanity’s salvation, but just wished to harm Jesus (perhaps out of anger for not being the messiah he wanted?)


They were human, so there is a big chasm between knowing the prophecy and truly believing it. I think that was a big issue - If you 100% knew and believed Jesus was the Son of God, would you REALLY go ahead and crucify him or let him be crucified without more of a fight??? Once He rose again, I’m sure belief in the inner circle hit 92% (remember doubting Thomas and Judas I seemed to realize he made a big mistake when he hung himself…)

But thats just my two cents…


Matthew 16:21-23 comes to mind. Jesus explicitly tells the disciples he must suffer and die.

They may not have understood, but certainly Peter seems to when he says “God forbid!” causing Jesus to tell him “Get behind me, Satan!”

The disciples certainly did not comprehend nor understand what was happening or why it was happening. The whole Resurrection thing was something they seemed to miss until it happened.


Because the ways of the Lord are a mystery to us even now when we have a tribulation more often than not we exclaim “why me Lord?”.

No one says “Thanks oh Lord, for this suffering. I really needed it!” do we?

Of course they would have not believed that Jesus HAD to die even less in such a gruesome way.
They saw the power Jesus had. Why would any one so powerful allow such pain?

For us who are accustomed to the way the world works had we a tenth of Jesus’s power we would have destroyed all our enemies. Obliterated them all from existence, would not we?
Think about that the next time a car cuts you off at the traffic light or someone steps in front of you at the grocery store cashier line,
I know I need to! :blush:


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