Were the Crusades Justified?

I am not a catholic, but I have a great interest in the crusades, I always saw them as “bad” or evil maybe, as people just going to conquest land for money and power with a few good intentions. Know I see it as the opposite, The Christian west as defending itself justly and motivated not by money,but love for there fellow brother. I recently did a thread on this subject on another forum found here.

Under number 13 What about the crusades,witch trials,inquisitions and other “crimes” of Christians throughout history.

I would love to have some Catholics [and others] read and review it and give me suggestions,objections and add to it in any way, thanks.

Here are a few quick links for reading, showing crusades were defensive action and motivated not by money,but love for fellow Christians.

christianitytoday.com/ct/2005/mayweb-only/52.0.html- 8 page article

Thank you for posting this. The lie, which has its origin in 18th and 19th century anti-Catholic propaganda, that the crusades were a war of aggression waged against peaceful Muslims living in harmony with Jews needs to be put to rest once and for all. You will find however that Catholics are as infused with the propaganda as every one else. So this is a good topic for this forum.

To claim the Crusades were unjustified would be like saying the United States was not justified in liberating Western Europe from German occupation. The enter eastern half of Christendom was under attack, asked for help, and the Western kingdoms sent help. These were defensive wars which ultimately didn’t even amount to much with respect to the long term trajectory of Islamic conquest. Christendom lost and half our civilization fell.

People who repackage that into some kind of blight on Christianity are delusional.

I like to believe that the Crusades were justified, it really shows that Christianity has always been peaceful.

But it wasn’t always perfect I don’t think. I think there was an instance where the Church failed to reach the Muslims and sacked the Orthodox instead. Can anyone confirm on this?

All I’m saying is things weren’t perfectly justified, but often could be.

There were other times and “weights”
One can ask why in the world were those orthodox (I was orthodox) sitting on a treasure of gold but not using it to liberate Jerusalem? I am not saying that the sacking was any good at all.
Can you imagine yourself in armor for 3 years, in desert, rain, snow etc and suffering from hunger and all troubles that were possible? What those guys have done was heroic.
After the abuse they have suffered no wonder they were excessively aggressive

As a person living in a western democracy ask yourself. "
" Was resisting the expansion of communism the right thing to do"?

Sure, I would agree the Crusades were justified. Anything can be justified.


Yes, the Crusades were justifiable indeed as they was needed to defend Christendom. Initially, the Christians were okay with their Muslim rulers in Jerusalem until the Seljuk Turks arrived and forced all pilgrims out of the Holy Land. Their gradual expansion was soon an immediate threat.

As for the Inquisition, I highly suggest reading THE INQUISITION: In the Light of Historical Perspective by Eustace Boylan.

God bless! :slight_smile:

There is a great youtube channel which covers this topic and reads from the sources of those days here: youtube.com/channel/UCpiumHmUE5EZeLTftxv9qGw

I found it really enlightening and it dispels a lot of misconceptions about the crusades.

The crusaders sacked Constantinople during the 4th crusade. Maybe justified,but much less so than first crusade and crusades to holy lands.

I would say yes overall for sure, i see communism as evil. However these are two separate things for multiple reasons. Please read here


thanks 4 reference.

I wanted to post this, i found it very interesting, a Islam vs christian debate during the crusades [link given by member here to me].

Medieval Sourcebook:

History is often written with some bias from which ever side is writing it. THere were many reasons for the crusades, some of them valid, some for personal or economic gains. I doubt a completely objective history of the times could be created.

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