Were There "Others" in Christ's Flock?

At yesterday’s Mass a verse came up that has always interested me. I’m paraphrasing, but basically Christ said “I have others who are not of this flock”, etc. Over the years some people have taken that to mean that Christ visited people in other parts of the work, either before or after his ministry that we read about in the Bible - and I don’t just mean the Mormons. Thoughts on that?

The “flock” that Jesus spoke of were the Jews. The “others” are gentiles. That’s us (most of us, anyway).

And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd. [John 10:16]

That is the interpretation that I think carries the most weight. There’s another line of thinking that Jesus was talking about dwellers on other planets. I would like it to mean that, but I still think it’s most likely the Gentiles.

Gentiles, not aliens.


Using this scripture, the late Fr. Benedict Groeschel once said in response to a question about who is going to heaven said that only Jesus knows who is in his flock and we should not be trying to make such a judgement or be concerned about anyone but ourselves.

In literal context Jesus seems to be talking of non-Jews. If read as it relates to today, it could be non-Catholic Christians.

I love that passage! John 10:16.

Think of the times Jesus came to us and the location. There were Jews who were orthodox, some who might be considered “partial” Jews (but outcast from the Temple so cut off from Jewish religious worship), pagans such as every empire that occupied Jerusalem, and the new Christian Jews. Who was going to be saved? The answer is EVERYONE! In a sense, everyone who worships in some way, belong to a different “flock” but Jesus promised us there is “one flock and one Shepherd”. He is the Shepherd so Christians aren’t going to be converted to Islam, Mormonism,or Buddhism; they’re coming over to join us!:thumbsup:

I also take it to indicate those who are outside the visible boundaries of the Church, but who will nonetheless be saved.

The main flock was Jewish. The “others” were the Gentiles who were brought in later.

I believe Jesus was referring to all the other life he created on other planets, solar systems, maybe different dimensions too. ALL of the humans on earth are HIS flock here, but I know some will disagree with me about this.

Just by looking at the history of the earth its very easy to see God is a creative being, the dinosaurs, early man, etc. he LIKES to create, I truly believe he has been creating different species/ races/ beings far far before the idea of humans came along, after all, he has been around FOREVER, to suggest he just started creating living things with our planet is almost silly if you think about it…Im positive he was creating all thru the ‘quad-zillion-trillion’ years before earth was created, and he has probably never stopped creating, even after he made us as well.

I truly believe this and I hope to see all of his work one day.

As this is not the Catholic belief, perhaps you can share why you believe God created life on other planets and throughout the history of the Universe. :confused:

Sorry but your view is sheer unmitigated fantasy that is completely unsupported by anything taught by the Church. The “others” are the gentiles.
You have to get real.

D-R Bible, Haydock Commentary:

Ver. 16. One fold. In the Greek one flock. The signification is the same; that is, there shall be one church of Jews and Gentiles converted. (Witham)

Thanks for the replies. Most logical answer seems to be that Christ was referring to Gentiles - although one thing I have learned is that there are many things we simply do not know and will not know in this life.

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