‘West creates refugees by destroying Islamic nations’ – Chechen leader

The head of Russia’s Chechen Republic claims the current asylum seeker crisis in European countries originated in the aggressive policies of the United States and the EU. He also called upon all Muslim nations to jointly fight the root of the problem.

“If today no one rises against the inhumane policies of the Western countries, tomorrow the disaster may come to any Muslim country. I call upon you to urgently discuss this problem, to develop a unified position and to save the lives of thousands of people,” Ramzan Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram account (Kadyrov uses Instagram as a social network for public statements).

“Tens of thousands of Muslims are dying. Women, old people, children and young people as well. Under such conditions the leaders of Islamic countries has no right to remain silent, to stand aside and remain simple observers,” he added.


Rubbish. The refugees are created by ISIS and brutal civil war in those countries and law abiding, peaceful people are forced to flee for their lives or die. :frowning:

Radical Islam created the refugee situation.

They’ll be welcomed with open arms in Chechnya, right?

ISIS in turn could only have performed as well as it did within the context of the power vacuum created by toppling Saddam Hussein’s regime and destabilizing Assad. The West is at least somehow materially a contributor to the rise of ISIS.

Whether or not they will be welcomed by Chechnya is irrelevant to the question of whether constant interventionism has destabilized both Syria and Iraq and caused great harm and suffering for the inhabitants of both nations.

As someone mentioned above, constant interventionism is really the root cause of this. Let’s not also forget that the region has been destabilized for almost 25 years now. This sort of thing was bound to happen because of it. The USA toppling regimes, Saudi Arabia (our ally) funding radical Islamic preaching globally, and the UN sanctions against Iraq during mid-90’s. Those sanctions in the 90’s caused so many deaths, that the UN leader charged with administering the program resigned and said, “I don’t want to administer a program that satisfies the definition of genocide.”

He is also claiming that the West and the US are backing IS and that IS is working under orders of the US.

We have.
Do you really believe Isis just popped out of nowhere using military weapons and vehicles that originated in the US? We armed, and are still arming the Syrian rebels. Where do you think they came from? War costs money, always has.

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