West Hollywood Council urges removal of Trump's Walk of Fame star


Not to worry though, Bill Cosby’s, Harvey Weinstein’s, and Kevin Spacey’s stars are still safe.


And I think I read it can’t be removed anyway.


They are free to do what they wish.


From an artistic expression point of view, I say keep it as is. I think it will be an interesting talking point 50 years from now. Depending on how things pan out, people will look at the smashed star and either say, “Those LA folks were so delusional and short sighted” or “Those LA folks were right on!” Either way, Trumps smashed star sort of marks the time we’re living in.


Garcetti says there are more important things to worry about - like the upcoming


The star costs around 40 grand IIRC. I know that my city would not be thrilled about shelling on that sort of cash over and over.


Why is it that expensive? The materials?


In 1980 he instituted a fee of $2,500, payable by the person or entity nominating the recipient, to fund the Walk of Fame’s upkeep and minimize further taxpayer burden.[21] The fee has increased incrementally over time; by 2002 it had reached $15,000,[36] and stood at $30,000 in 2012.[4] The current (2017) fee is $40,000.[37]


They might not charge it for the replacements, but, the replacements would not be free either.

We might also want to remember, Mr Trump’s star is not for his political work or because he is a helluva guy, it is for his Television Reality show.



Reminds me of Lucy ruining John Wayne’s footprints, and then he making her a “lifetime supply”.



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