West Virginia GOP legislator: 'LGBTQ is a modern day version of the Ku Klux Klan'


see https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/feb/9/eric-porterfield-gop-delegate-the-lgbtq-is-a-moder/

“The LGBTQ is a modern day version of the Ku Klux Klan, without wearing hoods with their antics of hate,” Mr. Porterfield said in an interview Friday morning, Charleston’s Gazette-Mail reported.

Mr. Porterfield also called the gay community a “terrorist group.”

He said these things after becoming a target after he tried to legally keep LGBTQ people from becoming a protected class by law through anti-discrimination laws.

For obvious reasons he has caused quite a stir and angry denunciations.

A longer newspaper article with more information is at https://www.bdtonline.com/news/brutal-monsters-porterfield-says-lgbtq-organizations-modern-day-kkk/article_029bb878-2c1a-11e9-aada-fbe67dc35e5d.html

"Porterfield made specific comments on the LBGTQ organizations, which, he says, do not represent gay people.

‘They represent a socialist activist agenda,’ he said. ‘They are opponents of freedom.’”

"The firestorm and threats came, he said, after he spoke in support of an amendment in a House committee Wednesday that would not allow any protective classes added that are not already in state Code.

‘It was just a simple amendment, not offered by me, to not add any protective classes … not already in state Code,’ he said Friday afternoon. ‘That was it.’”

“I am terrified of these people,” he said, “I feel like the LBGTQ … would be the Ku Klux Klan in the modern era without the hoods.”

He told about threats he received over the telephone.


I have engaged Mr. Porterfield on his opinions of the Catholic Church…I suggest you do the same, before lauding him as a moral hero…just saying.

Disclaimer – I am expressing my opinion and not looking for validaiton or argument, so I limit my input to a single post per thread. Send me a PM, and I will be happy to continue the discussion without monopolizing this fine venue.


That is a ridiculous and offensive comparison. The Klan has killed people, sometimes in great numbers. Whatever one may think of LGBT activists, they don’t do that. Indeed, like other civil rights activists, they are far more likely to suffer violence than to commit it.


I’m gay and I would prefer I not be compared to the Klan. This type of thing is exactly why Christians have trouble with reaching out to LGBT people of faith.


I wonder if they were anything like his threats to drown his children if they told him they were gay?


He would have done better to just say
“the LGBTQ movement proposes ideas that are radically opposed to common sense and human nature, and the movement in general is intolerant of dissent, attacking and bullying those who disagree with them rather than addressing the issues reasonably.”

That says plenty without lumping them with the KKK who were murderously violent towards those they hated.


Nothing to celebrate here.

He even said he’d drown his children if they were gay.

Pure evil and not Christian at all.


Obviously not.


That’s a downright horrible thing to say.


I don’t know what Catholics on Twitter regarding Cardinal Dolan have to do with this nutter? Why even post this?

There are NUTJOBS and biogts in BOTH parties.

As a registered Republican, this man does not represent me, or my beliefs.

Calling the gay lobby the next KKK is insane. There is no comparison. Now, if the gay lobby starts killing people, then maybe. But that’s not happening.

Crap like this is as offensive as people calling Trump & people who voted for Trump Nazis.

It’s language like this that’s going to get people killed and start a civil war.

It needs to stop now. And anyone who thinks that only one party is responsible for this language is insane. Elected officials in both parties use this hateful language.


mdgspencer didn’t actually offer an opinion on it.


Someone’s discomfort with a newer social concept does not implicate those representing it to be bullies. Most things the LGBTQ push for is things that just about anyone wants. Does it really matter to your existence if there are same sex marriages? I didn’t say you had to like them. Why the issues with protected classes? Do not these people deserve to have their work and housing options the same as any other person. Again, I’m not asking anyone in particular to like this, but you also ask for rights that others don’t agree with, even if they’ve “been around forever”.


That looks like a straw man of an argument he didn’t make.


What straw are we making hay out of here? The statement in short was…sure they’re still bullies who break the natural order…but at least they aren’t genocidal murderers. I don’t understand how such a backhanded compliment becomes a straw man, it specifically defined a community by a certain viewpoint. Mine was a rebuttal to that.


I’m not sure where to begin due to your conflation of LGBTQ and same sex marriage and housing options etc. There are so many issues to discuss and one of the problems is if you try to make commons sense distinctions out of this alphabet soup, you a priori cast as intolerant, before the merit of your pov is considered. And the purpose of this kind of absolute intolerance is to shut down discussion, lest difficult and inconvenient points be addressed. Such as “what is a man, what is a woman, what is a marriage, what does it mean to be human”. Those are hard questions, and this absolute intolerance can’t tolerate those kinds of questions. I have an acquaintance who refuses to admit the necessity of a man and woman in creating a child. He gets angry when confronted with a common sense reality. That’s irrational.

All people are uniquely dignified in the eyes of God, and so human rights are due to everyone as they are.
And at the same time, the popular assertion that same sex marriage is the same thing as the marriage of a man and woman is a farce.
You seem to claim is that marriage equality is about work and housing, but you know that’s not really the full claim. Whenever someone accedes those points there is always more, and the more is an attempt to equate things that are not the same thing.

That violates common sense and human nature. What happens when human nature and common sense are violated by a culture?

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