Westboro Baptist Church.. Again * sigh *

  • sigh * they keep doing it. This time they got ran out of a town, and only the police stopped mob justice.

Do you have a link to a story about the event?

OTOH, this: youtube.com/watch?v=EEIqEYP_ZvM

:stuck_out_tongue: :o




Didn’t their ‘leader’ pass away? To me it’s scary when a religious leader passes on. One of two things can happen… either they fizzle away without that direction or they get worse as they expand upon and blow out of proportion the leader’s teachings.

Of course… not sure how you could get much worse than what they teach.

Since when did God teach us to hate?

That video was like dark chocolate awesomeness on a stick, laced with ribbons of caramel and teeny tiny flecks of bacon on top.

The bike cop did his best to keep the peace, bless him.

They got shut down. Go Oklahoma.

They are in my prayer journal. God knows they need the prayers. As do we all.

Bedtime and I’m starving now! Cheers! :smirk:

Why do these videos remind me of like all South park episodes? :rotfl:

Didn’t take too much for the bullies to back down! :cool:

By the way this was hilarious Jon.:wink:

He did die. May they fizzle away with out him. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :gopray:

We must not give any air space to their hatred and bigotry. However, they must be in our prayers for surely some of these people are good protestants who have been led from the truth of Christ’s love of all sinners. Prayer can be very powerful if Christ can find one spark of love in any of these people. We can also use them to examine our own conscience. Do we treat any group like this ourselves.
I find myself particularly angered by their treatment of American military heroes and their families.

Don’t know much about it but I wouldn’t want to be on either side. Is that the best way to confront error by having policemen escort them away and then say, “Hooray for our side,we win !!!?”

I wouldn’t counter protest at a funeral, but yes, I would have joined those Oklahomans in a heartbeat. I am not sure I would have hung around to gloat about it, though, and am not sure anyone really did.

Look, we can’t take away their right to protest, only institute or enforce permits for peaceable assembly.

We cannot legislate manners, morals, or ethics on these folks. But we can come together on these rare occasions to say, “Not now, not here, and your behavior is socially unacceptable…”

Was that a funeral ? Yeah, that is bad, “mourn with those that mourn” but I have been guilty of self-righteous, bull in a china shop acts myself. Lord help us.

It wasn’t a funeral, I was just referencing their usual antics. :wink:

It was at an elementary school that was destroyed by s tornado killing 6 children. Westboro members love it when innocent people die, they truly believe that God killed them to send them to hell and they love that idea. It’s sick, like a mental illness. The only members of Westboro are blood relatives of the recently deceased founder.

Love me my fellow bikers and Lutheran satirists. My church was once picketed by these folks, for reasons we never did understand. I suspect with their charismatic leader dead, this is one of the last things we will hear from them. God willing. Still, I also pray for them.

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