Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Tony Snow’s Funeral

A Kansas church well-known for its protests at the funerals of fallen American soldiers plans to picket at this week’s funeral of former Press Secretary Tony Snow, declaring that Snow is “a very bad monkey” who is “now burning in hell.”


Oh Lord, not them again! What a bunch of wackos!


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well then whats the sense?

What? I thought they liked, or at the very least tolerated, him!

AFAIK, they only protest funerals that they say are related to gay people (however far-fetched that supposed link may be)… I hope that they are not spurred on by the fact that Mr. Snow died of colorectal cancer. I mean, cancer’s a bad way to go… no matter what kind it is.

Either way, it’s hurtful – to say the least – to subject grieving people to that. They really ought to stop.

Perhaps someone will stop them…or at least keep them from getting close to the family.

Weren’t these guys the reasons laws were passed barring protests not a certain number of feet removed from a fallen soldier’s funeral? There are just so many better ways to “make a point” without making even more upsetting a funeral.

But it is far more news worthy to get to people where it hurts - in their grief. Yep - trying really hard to be charitible…:mad:


We had a terrible school bus crash a couple of years ago and several children were killed. WBC applied for a permit to our city to picket at the funerals. The city granted the permit for across the street from the church and several feet down the block. Then, on funeral day, the Mayor had city buses positioned in front of them and running where it blocked them from the view of the church. God love our Mayor.

This was my understanding as well! I thought it was illegal to come within so much distance of an ongoing funeral.:shrug:

Yup, they passed one of those here (ban 500ft, I think it should have been more like 5,280ft) thanks to these guys, bikers would then show up and put themselves between the funeral and the protesters.

All I know, is when their leader eventually dies, how many people will protest his funeral?

These people need our prayers.

One of Fred Phelps sons, Mark, left the “church” and wrote an account of horrific abuse he experienced as a child, called “Addicted to Hate: The Fred Phelps Story.” His account is so awful that I felt physically ill after reading it.

He later wrote that when his father no longer had children to hate and abuse, he turned his hatred on the rest of society.

The cult is made up of members of the Phelps family, mostly his children who didn’t flee, and are likely wounded adults traumatized by years of abuse.

No, they protest funerals for nearly anyone, as well as protesting at churches sometimes. They protest at military funerals because they say that U.S. soldiers die because of America’s toleration of gays, as a punishment from God. But they also say that most people are going to hell: Catholics, Methodists, Episcopalians, nearly all other churches except them. Fred P. has said that God hates most people.

That is pretty much the basis of what the Westboro cult believes.

I learned from personal experience that they create flyers claiming they will protest virtually every high profile or military funeral. This does not mean they will actually show up. Fortunately, they were not present to protest the funeral of a former student of mine killed in Iraq, even thought they advertised that they would.

The Patriot Guard is usually at these funerals. If Westboro shows up, the PG blocks them from view of the grieving family and friends by standing at attention, holding flags in front of the protesters. I was very touched by, and grateful for their presence at the funeral I attended.

A correction to what I wrote in post #13 - the Fred Phelps expose’ was written by a reporter who interviewed Mark Phelps, not written by Mark Phelps himself.

No. From what I have heard these people say, they protest funerals of Soldiers because they(Soldiers) defend this Country, a Country that has turned away from God, that loves & has embraced Gays (they use another name). These people are not normal & seemed deranged. I mean it is what it is…to bring such sorrow to already grieving families, what kind of Christian or decent human being behaves like that?

Lucania is correct. It has nothing to do with whether or not the deceased is homosexual. Westboro believes that God is “sending them home in body bags” (actual words from their flyers) because there is acceptance of homosexuality throughout much of the United States.

They claim the deaths of our soldiers, of the 32 people at Virginia Tech, and any other tragedy is punishment from God for America’s tolerance of homosexuality.

That was a great idea, especially having the buses running. Did they stay long, breathing in bus exhaust?

Just out of curiosity, the article says Tony Snow became an Episcopalian but the news reports of the funeral say it was a Mass of Christian burial presided over by Archbishop Donald Wuerl and Rev. David O’Connell, President of The Catholic University of America. It sounds like he had a Catholic funeral. Where did Westboro get the information that he was Episcopalian?

I watched a documentary about them from BBC (if you youtube “America’s most hated family” you can find it if you want.) and I bawled. What could make that man hate so much? I felt so sad for the children involved…like this one scene where they were protesting, and some guy drove by and threw a bottle of water or juice or something out his window and hit this little six year old boy in the forehead. It was so incredibly sad. These children are being brainwashed…I seriously wish that DSS could get involved or something…

As if a six year old child really understands what his parents are making him do. An equally hateful action, to hurt a child that way. :frowning:

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