Westboro Baptist Church

So I came across a documentary, one of many, on the infamous Phelps family and their congregation - The Westboro Baptist Church. They mostly target homosexuality, but as I have learned another major one on their list is Catholicism. They even have a website called priestsrapeboys.com

Now these people really and truly believe that they are obeying God and that God intentionally illustrates catastrophe, death, and is punishing the US . Now, what I don’t understand is what makes them think that they are right in the way that they interpret scripture. Shirley Phelps is always saying “scripture says, scripture says” but I’m pretty sure I can find scripture that opposes the venomous hate that they spew when they are picketing fallen soldiers’ funerals.

I heard her saying that the Catholic church is the whore of Babylon and that all of us Catholics are going to hell. Anyone familiar with these people?

I have seen that some of her children have finally left the church - even main people like her daughter Megan who was a pillar in the Church - and they now have a lot of guilt for the things they have done. But they still struggle with the fear of going to hell. Apparently, on the WBC are going to Heaven. :shrug:

Westboro Baptist Church is a cult group, and they do believe that only members of there Church will be saved. They are Hyper-Calvinists, believing God created evil and sin so he could damn people.

These folks don’t have all of their marbles. They protest Broadway musicals, live theater and concerts because they believe that those things are “havens for homosexuality.”:rolleyes: It seems like they hate everything that isn’t them and they do it in the name of religion. Bunch of Looney Tunes if you ask me.

and if I remember correctly, a former member is still missing and the organization has kept mum.

Semi-recently, one (maybe two?) of Fred Phelps’ daughters left the church. She attributed it to a theological debate with a Jewish man who was talking about God’s forgiveness. She realized that what her church was teaching did not allow room for forgiveness - you were either with them (and thus saved) or against them (and thus damned).

Hopefully, more people are able to break free from this cult.

“there are now as many religions as there are heads.” -Martin Luther talking about the 40 denominations that existed at that time.

They can twist scripture all they want, but truth doesn’t change. The farther they drift from truth, the more they realize they can make the Bible say whatever they want it to say.

God help us!

It is a cult hate group. There is no logic or rationality. They check their wills at the door and follow the mindless idiot phelps.

this is a scary, creepy group, for sure.

On a lighter note. :smiley:



And yet when god destroys entire cities (Sodom and Gomarrah) for this very sin (homsexual activity) he is glorified for this act, but if such as group as Westboro baptist were to do the exact same thing, they would be vilified and called terrorists…??

I dont agree with all that this group does, but I think the bible makes it pretty clear how God feels about homosexuality, no matter what society comes to think about it, Gods views will always trump ours.

Ive heard they only protest soldiers funerals if that soldier was gay, I dont know why they would protest an openly heterosexual soldiers funeral though, what would the point be?

Holding signs that say, “God hates Gays,” and other ugly words isn’t what God has in mind. He certainly doesn’t hate that gay person and if that person would go to confession with a contrite heart, all will be said and done in God’s eyes.
They hold signs that say, “Thank God that soldiers die.” No, they don’t only protest gay soldiers. Being a not only a spouse of a service member, but a person who has family in all branches and ranks, they better hope they don’t show up at one of their funerals if they so happen to die.
I can’t believe that you have the audacity to actually be in favor of what they do. It is written plan and clear that my location says that “home is where the Navy sends us,” and you have the nerve to talk to me about that they “only protest at soldiers funerals if that soldier was gay.” Quite frankly, I don’t care if that service member is gay, he laid his life down for this country and gay, straight, bisexual, Catholic, non-Catholic, atheist, or whatever other label you want to use; they deserve a proper burial that doesn’t include hateful people and their picket signs and the megaphones. :mad::banghead::slapfight::takethat:

God does cause evil(Isaiah 45:7) and he has predestined most people to hell

No they protest all soldier funerals they can. They believe soldiers die as a result of Gods judgement of America.

They hold a view that if you are killed or die any way other than in your sleep them you are an immoral FAG and a reprobate that God killed early.

They are atrocious as is your commentary.

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Sad it’s so true but…that was good!! Lol

Nope and Nope

  1. In the Old Testament, where there was no repentance and redemption through Christ, unrepentant sin led to death - both spiritual and physical. It was the result of original sin of Adam that brought on death, and it took Christ’s sacrifice to free us from it. As these people would not repent for their actions, being that they were then spiritually dead, God prevented them from drawing others into their sin. That is not the case now, so describing the WBC destroying villages is a bit off the mark.

  2. They protest most military funerals because they are against the wars, not only if the soldier was gay. They’ve also protested the funerals of children who died in fires, citing their deaths was proof that America is damned.


I feel a bit better for liking that Steve Martin song…

Oh my goodness, that was hysterical…

First, if God chooses to destroy a city, it is His prerogative. He created all life, and He can end all life if/when He chooses. He is the Judge of the world. We are NOT. We are not to judge the souls of others (but we are to judge if actions are right or wrong).

Second, God also has the prerogative to withhold judgement on people and cities if He chooses. And He has done so. When James and John asked Jesus if they should call down fire from heaven on the Samaritans, Jesus told them no (in a sharp tone). And Jesus also established a Church with His authority to guide in issues like this and how we are to treat others. And that Church has spoken that we are not to act like Westboro.

Third, the Westboro group is not really a church at all, but just a large messed-up family. Virtually all the members of the WBC are Phelps family.

Fourth, as others noted here, they picket all military funerals b/c they claim it is God exacting justice and damning America.

Fifth, you are correct that God abhors homosexual acts. But how the WBC behaves and believes is also abhorrent to God.

The WBC is nothing more than a cult disguised as Christianity. They protest all high profile funerals(not just military) I remember they protested the funeral of the Amish children who were killed in that Amish school shooting a few years back. They are a despicable group who feed on the sorrow and misery of others.Many of the Phelps children along with Fred himself are attorneys which is how they manage to skirt laws and sue anyone who prevents them from protesting. They couldn’t be any further from Christ imo.Anyone who gives this group any credence needs their head examined.

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