Westboro Baptist Church


i just watched a documentary on these people, and all i can say is that i feel bad for them… they have so much hatred in their hearts…Has a famous Catholic apologetic ever debated one of them ??


Old Man Phelps refuses to debate any reputable scholars.


I seriously doubt it, John, and I’m sure Catholic apologists would have no inclination to do so given the irrationality and hatred that flows from the minds of the Westboro folks.


This so called Church is nothng more than a bigot and his immediate family. For the life of me i dont know why anyone would waste their time doing a documetary on them.


These people are pretty messed up.

Their rhetoric is almost Hitleresque.


That’s an insult to Hitler! :stuck_out_tongue:

This group doesn’t warrant a debate with anybody.


:rotfl: :clapping:

Yeah, I’ve read about them and seen their interviews and they are nuts!!! I read somewhere they got caught on microphone saying that even if they didnt think God wanted them to do what they do, they would still do do it because they enjoyed it…now that’s MESSED UP:nope:


Pray for them all, but mostly for the children who are taught to do the Opposite from what Jesus taught, and that is to LOVE your neighbor.


A VERY good point!


:frowning: They are a joke :frowning: :rotfl: Why waste time :shrug: Even most Baptists do not want to be assoicated with them. Gotta be a reason :hmmm:


“Most” ? Nobody wants to be associated with them! I sincerely and genuinely question whether the Westboro people qualify as “Christians.” I’ll stick my neck out and assert that they are not Christians because they’re not displaying even one bite of spiritual fruit. At the same time let me say that I agree with the suggestion above that these people need our prayers.


:smiley: you hit the nail on the head :bounce: Normally I am not very diplomatic. For some dumb reason I decided to be so with this post. YOU brought me back to reality :doh2: :smiley:


Phelps’ website is pretty laughable. He has an FAQ page where he answers the question, “Isn’t it a sin to hate?” with, essentially, “God says in the Bible, ‘Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated.’ If God can hate, I can too. So there!”

It’s truly, truly sad. One of the worst offshoots of Protestantism that there is.


That would do no good: the “God Hates Fags” site refers to the CC - and to many others - as a “fag church”. There is as much likehood of their debating a Catholic - any Catholic - as of a white supremacist diving into a river to save a member of the NAACP. There is no point in trying to talk with people who hate all that somebody stands for. There is no good will on both sides to make a dialogue possible.

The name of that site tells us all we need to know about them. My advice - don’t touch filth; it can be hard to get rid of. :frowning:


Exactly…Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church is composed almost entirely of him, his children, their spouses and children. Like 30 people. His church is neither Baptist or even minimally Christian. I can’t believe how much he frightens people.

Personally think this humor is in considerably bad taste.:shrug:

Most? probably all baptist…His church is neither Baptist or even minimally Christian.


Those folks showed up here in Bama … and wow, the folks down here had them covered…

Men who own trailer trucks came in, cut Westboro group off so that family didn’t have to read their hate signs during their son’s funeral (he was killed in Iraq, had nothing to do with homosexuality).

Anyway, many of these folks with large trucks stay on call for these type of actions of this church. The person that I know, this makes the third time he’s brought his big rig out and protected folks from this hate group.

The whole family that runs this church are lawyers. They make their money by sueing localities that do not allow them to come in their towns and spread hate under the first amendment.


Well about the Catholic Church bit, as no-one seems to escape their self-righteous blarney…

…they wouldn’t be who they are if it wasn’t for the Catholic Church, at least they should thank it for that much.

If the Catholic Church didn’t exist, many of them would go out of business, because they would have no-one to attack.

God sure hates a lot of groups and people on there, when I read "God hates Ireland " I laughed so hard, :smiley: great site if you need a laugh, I expect the job pays good. $$$


I checked the website out and these people are way out there. They are in need of Prayers immediately. I know many Baptist people that don’t believe in these extremest ways.




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