Western Canadian Pro-Life Campaign Changes Hearts and Minds

Western Canadian Pro-Life Campaign Changes Hearts and Minds

By Patrick B. Craine

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CALGARY, Alberta, June 18, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In addition to getting big media coverage, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform’s “Reproductive Choice” campaign across Southern Alberta last week generated strong feedback from the public – both positive and negative.

“Our hope is by getting the abortion issue discussed and debated in the public again we’re opening up what the other side has been trying to shut down for so long,” said Jose Ruba, co-founder of CCBR. “I think that’s where success is happening.”

The week-long tour, which aimed to show the truth about abortion through graphic images, ended Sunday. The campaign featured an 11-meter long box-bodied truck carrying a billboard as well as sidewalk demonstrations to engage passersby.

The box truck also advertises a phone line, through which the pro-life organization receives many strong reactions. One woman who called was outraged by the CCBR’s approach and said, “Your signs made me throw up.” Another simply said the campaign was “F***ing disgusting!”

But the group maintains that what is really disgusting is abortion. “What’s more disturbing? The pictures of babies who have been killed, or the fact that babies are being killed?” asked Stephanie Gray, CCBR’s other co-founder. “What should disgust every Albertan, and Canadian, is that innocent human beings are being dismembered, decapitated, and disembowelled - and it’s paid for with our tax dollars.”

Ruba shared one experience in Medicine Hat when a woman, who identified herself as a member of the Hell’s Angels, brought a half dozen people from her tattoo parlor to protest the campaign. Ruba said the group employed various “intimidation tactics” and were “rather vocal, rather loud.” Nevertheless, he reports that he was able to talk with them and explain the pro-life arguments.

While they were “very hostile right from the beginning,” he said, “in the end, it was good to be able to shake hands.”

Many passersby honked their horns and gave them thumbs up as they drove by, the group said. Some who witnessed the campaign experienced a total change of heart. On their Facebook page CCBR reported that 3 CCBR members had a discussion with one man who concluded, "I have to admit I came here expecting to win this, but I admit that I’ve lost. I’m now against abortion


Once upon a time, before I too had begin to come towards the light of the Church, I myself had no qualms with abortion.

Then, one day, I was given a thorough education on the subject, both in the way of a description of actual abortive processes and of images of the end results. Seeing what abortion truly was opened my eyes with regards to it. It also wound up being one of the first steps in the long road that eventually led me towards Catholicism.

There is absolutely no stronger way to educate a person about the subject than to show them what abortion really is - and good for this organization for making people aware of the truths of abortion. Every blow against the culture of death is a decision made to support one of life.

I thank God that He chose you to be a Catholic.Converts are the True Fire of the Church as my late mother used to say.

The first rule in a promoting something you can’t possibly ever win is by hiding the facts. Nobody would ever have supported outright killing of unborn babies, which is why it became “a women’s choice”. It’s all spin, but the problem for them is that the facts are real and undeniable. That’s why they’re going to loose out in the end, because in the end they have nothing but fluff.

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