Western Fans Around These Parts?

Wanted to start a westerns thread. Unlike the only other board I’m on, I understand here it’s not proper to resurrect any old threads, so I’m not bothering to search for a similar one.

Here’s some of my faves:

TV: Gunsmoke and Little House on the Prairie (hands down), The Big Valley, Have Gun Will Travel, The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Justified

Movies: The Searchers, Saddle the Wind, Who Shot Liberty Valance? True Grit (2010), The War Wagon, Stagecoach, Unforgiven, Shane, High Noon, No Country for Old Men

Horror director John Carpenter is a big fan of westerns and I wish he would just go ahead and make one himself! :slight_smile:

I read a lot of Zane Gray and Louis L’Amour growing up.

Aye, and my hand is wavin’ in the air!
Those of us who grew up on Horse Operas realized on some level we were watching morality plays.
These showed us where we were, and what we could become.
Good guys were good, bad guys were bad, good overcame evil, all in a half hour.
Johnny Western remains one of my favorite Western vocalists; I participate in Cowboy Action Shooting (don’t confuse this with Western Fast Draw – two different breeds of cat here!) – and participate actively in Western related forums, notably Belle Alley, home of the Carolina Belles.
There’s a delightful Western that’s been written on for six years: it’s called Firelands, hang on a minute and I’ll get you a link:
(sound of rummaging about)
(“Aha!” of discovery)
(cut and paste)
Okay, here 'tis:
This takes you directly to Firelands.
It starts getting good in the third chapter!

I enjoyed The Man With No Name Trilogy (especially Lee Van Cleef’s characters), Joe Kidd, the Trigun series and movie, and Rango. :slight_smile: The 3:10 to Yuma remake was pretty good too. I’ve seen so many, but those movies in particular stuck with me.

The Outlaw Josie Wales is probably my all time favorite Western. Pale Rider is another good. I guess that you can see that I am big Eastwood fan. Tombstone with Kurt Russell is also pretty good.

“Are you boys gonna pull those pistols or just stand there all day whistling Dixie?”

                                                                        - Josie Wales

Mentioning Louis L’Amour his Sackett series would make a great series for TV if adapted . I know one or two movies made on some of the books have been made over the years. Shane was one of my favourite moviews as a kid of about 10, I remember reading the book at around that age and then the movie came on TV. It was the first time I took westerns seriously as my father loves westerns but he likes the old republic serials and b movies just as much as the more serious fare. As a result I found some of the stuff he watched a bit silly. But Shane showed me the genre could be very serious and deal with very serious topics.

Red River is one of my all time favorite movies, period. John Wayne could be scary when he wanted to. I also like Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West – not technically a spaghetti western as it was filmed on location (parts at least) and had an international cast featuring mainstream Hollywood actors such as Henry Fonda and Jason Robards.

To be honest I like almost all Westerns.

Westerns are my favorite.

There are so many, on televsions Cheyenne, Sugerfoot, Bronco, Wild Wild West, The Deputy, Annie Oakley, Rin Tin Tin, Cisco Kid, Wagon Train, Laramie Bonanza, Alias Smith and Jones The Lone Ranger, Gene Autry Show, The Roy Roger Show(listened to it on radio before tv) Rifleman, Wanted Dead or Alive, Have Gun Will Travel, Mavarick, The Deputy, The Tall Man, Hop Along Cassidy, Rawhide Little House on the Prairie, Zorro, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Davy Bowie to name just a few.

Movies John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart especially when they were both in it.

Three Godfathers, Hondo, Searchers, Rio Bravo, North to Alaska, Angel and the Bad Man,
to name just a few of John Wayne.

Destry Rides Again, Broken Arrow,Bend of the River,The Far Country,The Man from Laramie to name a few of Jimmy Stewart.

Together The Man who Shot Liberty Valance and The Shootist.

They also both appeared in How the West Was Won.

Jimmy Stewart is one of the finest actors that Hollywood ever produced and also possibly the only Hollywood star to also hold a general’s rank in the US military.

Wayne’s role in Red River that Tomarin mentioned is one of the parts he played which defeats the notion that Wayne could only play Wayne. He had a bigger range as an actor than is often supposed.

I messed up my earlier reply and had it inserted into the quote:doh2:

One of Carpenter’s early films Assault on Precinct Thirteen was inspired by Rio Bravo. Probably the closest to a western we’ll get from him.

Michael Mann’s Last of the Mohicans is good.

Sadly I think the only western due to be on the big screen in the near future is The Lone Ranger with Capt. Jack Sparrow as Tonto.

Trivia quiz time. The Lone Ranger is related to which pulp (and later in some iterations) character who fights crime and has a motif modelled on an insect? :slight_smile:

One movie that dissapointed me badly was Jonah Hex, that was an awful shambles. I’d been waiting to see one my favourite comic book characters transplanted to the big screen. Instead we got some right old tripe. I much prefer the comic book version, especially the latest title starring him which has him in an 1880’s Gotham city for the first couple of story arcs.

I wont list my fav westerns It would take too long and would be too hard, to say which one of their movies i like the most. . So, i’ll just say if it has Eastwood or John Wayne in it, they’re my fav…Allmost. Lonesome dove would have to be the absolute best western ever made.

Great replies! :slight_smile:

I got “Deadwood,” the first season, on DVD from our public library. Hoping to watch it this week and let you all know how I find it.

That would, if I’m not mistaken, the Green Hornet? Ah, been ages since I’d heard that!! Jonah Hex was a true disappointing snoozefest, fellow “Blake’s 7” fan.

I think the Green Hornet is the nephew or grand-nephew of the Lone Ranger. They were both created by the same man, and the radio series had the same sponsor.

Another (fairly easy) trivia question: what do The Green Hornet, Inspector Clouseau, and O.J. Simpson have in common?

I agree, Jonah Hex was one of my favorite series in the 1970s (and the later Joe Lansdale-scripted arcs), but that movie was AWFUL!

The original concept for Carpenter’s “Big Trouble in Little China” was a period western, with Jack Burton as a cowboy who rides into Chinatown in San Francisco. I think his remake and Ghosts of Mars" are also Rio Bravo homages.

I grew up watching westerns on TV and going to see westerns at the drive-in and reading western comic books and being either a cowboy or an Indian with my friends when we went out to play. It’s amazing how quickly the genre died out.

I think my all-time favorite western, and the one that I think is the best example of the genre, is “Nevada Smith” with Steve McQueen. I must have seen it about 50 times. The scene where he comes home and find his parents killed was probably copied by Lucas for “Star Wars.”

Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson’s sidekick (and a Roman Catholic) was also a WWII fighter pilot and later a Brigadier General in the Marine Corps Reserve:http://www.militarymuseum.org/Resources/McMahon.jpg


A pair of obscure westerns from the 80’s The Grey Fox and Barbarosa.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

No love for “The Great Silence”? That has to be my favorite western Most desolate ending ever, but still a great western. Probably the most original and unusual one ever as well.

Also, “Keoma”. I watched that movie several times when I was a kid and I used to cry at the scene where his father dies.

They should use more shakesperean influences in the western genre. It worked very well in this movie.

Going through my DVDs and found “The Magnificent Seven” and “Once Upon a Time in the West” (I really liked the way the ending was done).

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