Western Pennsylvania TLM's?

Any one know of one? We were turned away in our parish and the ones surrounding us.:frowning:

Turned away? Will you refer this to the Bishop come September 14th? :blush:

I live in Western Pa, as well. The Only TLM in my diocese is the one at St. Boniface’s at Holy Wisdom Parish on Pittsburgh’s Northside. Sadly I do not know the way there! (:frowning: In addition, even If I had directions, I’d get lost as because I’m a guy who cannot navigate very well at all.)

Our Bishop is not very receptive to the TLM and the priests know it.

I don’t where they are in Western PA, which happens to be a large geographic area. I do know where there’s one (FSSP) in Vienna, Ohio. (Youngstown/Warren area) Not too far from some of western PA.
There’s actually two, but the other is SSPX.

Queen of the Holy Rosary

I have never attended, but I searched it out once. It’s not too terribly hard to find. Just a few minutes off of the highway.
Their information is here doy.org/parish.asp?ID=113

those are the directions to the Saint Boniface church. I wouldn’t consider an inability to find things in the Pittsburgh area to be a deficiency in map reading skills.

Kathleen Else, Aloyisius posted a thread several days ago about having the Latin Mass at St. Vincents College. It is under the heading "Latin Mass at St. Vincent Basilica, Latrobe, Pa. Here is the body of his post:

"I have been coordinating the efforts of students at St. Vincent College as well as people in the surrounding diocese for the celebration of private masses starting on September 14 in the crypt of St. Vincent Basilica. They will not be publicly scheduled or announced, so in order to know about them and request to attend, you will need to become part of our email list by emailing


Check out our website:

We have somewhere between 20 and 30 students, a few professors, and around 7 priests who are definitely interested (not all of them are competent in the rite yet, but are researching, studying, and being trained by those who are). In addition, I've been in contact with some of the organizers of the petition that was brought to Bishop Brandt a few years ago, I have heard that there were over 400 signatures, we are trying to get into contact with all of them and get them on our email list.

So anyway, we're just a group of the laity organized in order to easily discover when private masses will be offered and request to be present at them, as is our right according to the appropriate canons about lay associations and the sections of the Motu Proprio which permit anyone to be present at masses "without a congregation", ie not scheduled.

I saw in the archived Motu Proprio subforum, there was discussion about Pennsylvania, if anyone on here lives in or around the Greensburg Diocese, please get into contact with me and receive emails about when/where there will be private masses."

I have already sent in my contact information.

Blessings, sneakers


I forwarded the information to friends. Thank you for the information.

50 people attended. What a blessing for those that could make it to St. Vincent’s.

Sounds great. Please come visit us at the PLMC some time. It’s very, very easy to reach. Also - I don’t know where you’re located, but someone was handing out flyers after Mass last night regarding a TLM on Clumbus Day at St. Titus in Aliquippa, Noon.

We have attended the PLMC. It is wonderful and easy to get to when the Parkway East is open :smiley: . What we are praying for is one close enough for us to make it our HOME Parish. A HOME Parish is so important to families.

There is a Traditional Latin Mass at St. Bernadette’s in Saegertown, PA … approx. 30 miles south of Erie, near Meadville. It is at either 11:30 am every Sunday. Fr. Levis from EWTN’s Web of Faith often says the Mass there. It is an indult Mass.

My parents years ago used to go to Our Lady of Fatima in the South Side. Anyone remember that?

Our pastor, Fr. Ananias, a Benedictine priest, attended the mass at St. Vincent’s on Friday.

They ended up having TWO low masses back-to-back in the crypt church, with a total participation of around 90 individuals.

Fr. Ananias offered a private low Latin Mass at our parish Friday evening in Patton, PA, and close to 70 attended.

Furthermore, Fr. Ananias announced at mass this morning that he will begin offering a private low traditional Latin Mass every Sunday at 5:00pm, beginning today, September 16, at Queen of Peace Church in Patton PA.

He will start offering a private high Mass on Sundays at 1:00pm, as soon as he has a choir trained and alter servers trained. Until then, everyone is welcome to attend his private Sunday evening 5:00pm low latin (“Tridentine”) Mass, which will also fulfill their Sunday obligation.

Queen of Peace Parish
907 Sixth Ave.
Patton, PA 16668
Phone: (814) 674-8983



Yes. As I told some friends. The priests will come forward and provide the Mass. I hope to make the next one at St Vincent. I already had scheduled a Liturgy and picnic for our Catholic Homeschool group on Friday. One day a month we all go to Saint Marys in McKeesport, PA and the priest there explains the Byzantine Rite to us Latin Rite Catholics. I pray that some of our boys will become Bi-Ritual Priests:D .

There is a blog post with a picture of our mass this evening at vivificat1.blogspot.com/2007/09/folks.html

I don’t remember going to it, but I do remember the building which is now offices.

The Our Lady of Fatima Church was an independent Latin mass church not affiliated with or approved by the diocese. The priest there was from Australia and either passed on or skipped town a number of years ago, and that was that.

Yeah, his name was Father Hodgson I think. The fellow before him was Father Leo (If my memory is correct).

Don’t know the details. But it was a beautiful Church. The only thing I had heard was that the bishop at the time refused to allow two indults and this one was the one to go. Not sure if this was true just rumor.

I know it was mentioned before, but St. Boniface in the Pittsburgh Diocese has a TLM Every week. I’ve attended it before and it is very nice. They have a website pittsburghlatinmass.org/ with more information.

For those worried about driving and getting lost it’s not hard to get to. You can see the Church from the Parkway North “I-279 N”. This is a great resource our diocese has in place for us already, take your friends who are interested and get them excited. Once you have a small group that starts asking for it in your parish I expect you won’t have too much trouble ensuring attendance at a local TLM.

Personally I’m hoping we can get one started in Butler County. That would be a lot closer for me than Pittsburgh.


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