WEWN (EWTN's Shortwave Network) Reception

I was just wondering what is the aerial reception of WEWN like in your part of the world? I live in Ireland and sometimes reception tends to be mediocre due to interfering stations and bad atmospheric conditions. Even the signal to Europe (15610 Khz) is sometimes barely audible.


Sorry I can’t help you more. EWTN Shortwave no longer has a signal directed to the United States as of earlier this year.

Based on previous experience, however, the signal seemed to be stronger at night (from 00 to 07 UTC) than during the day.

Yes I heard that EWTN ceased it Shortwave signal to the United States earlier this year. I sure hope that they are not considering doing the same to the signal to Europe as besides the Podcasts they offer on their website shortwave is my only means of listening to EWTN Radio on the go. Listening from 0000 UTC to 7000 UTC is not an option for me as that is the time that I am asleep in bed! Unless I get up really early! (In Ireland our Time Zone is exactly UTC or GMT)

UPDATE: I have been recently tuning in at 11520 Khz (2000-2400 UTC) and the reception is pretty good!

Ditto here in South Texas! I receive the Spanish language broadcasts very well also.


What’s the general trick to picking up specific stations and preventing interference? I do have internet at home, but I’ve always enjoyed tuning in to short wave. And it would be neat to tune into EWTN on short wave. I’m in the US, mid Atlantic east coast.

What I usually do to increase reception is to attach a long aerial (antenna) to the shortwave radio. This helps in reducing interference from other stations.

How do you attach the atenna? I’m sure some adhesives block a bit of the reception, no?

Thanks for the tip!

What I did is I unscrewed the atenna that was already on the radio and replaced it with a longer atenna (from a radio which I was not using anymore). This however, does not guarantee wonderful reception as I still have difficulty receiving WEWN on some frequencies.

Personally I would seek professional advice before attempting to replace the Atenna on your Shortwave Radio. (This way you will be less likely to end up doing damage to your radio.)

More information on how to improve WEWN Reception can be found here: ewtn.com/radio/listenin.htm#advice

In particular make note of the advice they give on operating Shortwave Radio during Electrical Storms.

UPDATE: Recently I have been tuning in on 11520 Khz but can’t hear anything! I can’t hear anything on 9455 Khz either!

Could this be anything got to do with the fact that EWTN is changing its Shortwave Frequencies on the 29th March 2009?

Shucks! Is it jamming or interference?

Everything is OK again! 11520Khz works again!
I was able to listen to Catholics Answers LIVE last night!

Now just to try 9455Khz…

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