What 3 Guests Would You Invite To Your Thanksgiving Table Dinner?


**What 3 Guests (Dead or Alive) Would You Invite To Your Thanksgiving Table Dinner? It can be anyone but Jesus. **

Drew Mariani posed this question on his radio program yesterday on Relevant Radio and their were some very interesting answers.

Who would you invite? Why? What topics would you discuss with your guests at the Thanksgiving table dinner?


I did invite 3 people whom I knew to be alone today, all 3 turned me down (they must have tasted my cooking), so I am pleased they have today to do whatever they want. DD does not want to eat a big dinner so we will be cleaning all day, I think I will invite Mollie Maids.


Pope John Paul II-question-What’s heaven really like. Our Blessed Mother-Will we ever have peace on Earth? St. Joseph -the Holy Family life.

Hope everyone that brightens my days on this forum has a Happy and Loving Thanksgiving. You all are one of the Thank You’s on my Thanksgiving list. :blessyou:


Ok I finally came up with my three. I would invite Our Mother Mary, Padre Pio and my father who passed away 15 years ago!


Jesus, Mary, and John Paul II…


My dad, grandpa, and grandma. I miss them all so much. :crying:


I just asked DH this Question and he would invite:

George Washington - He wants to discuss what he thinks of how the freedom of religion is being interpreted today in America and where it’s going to take us?

Albert Einstein - He wants to know if he really believed in God and why?

John Paul II - First, because he thinks that he was one of the greatest popes who ever lived and what his opinion would be of the other two guests and the answers to their questions?


My answer: Mandela, my grandmother, and Paul Prudhomme.

Best answer I’ve heard: Osama bin Laden and 2 US Marines.


As per my Hubby his three people choices would be…

Augustus Escoffier- my hubby would discuss everything culinary with him

Adolf Hitler- Why he was a vegetarian…and I would discuss the politics with him

Mozart- What they liked and what other people liked (in regards to their music)


Well, I’d love to see Jesus, and then the most influential, yet evil person alive in this world. I’d have to let Jesus pick who (Terrorist leader, Leader of China - perhaps I’d just put an “and evil guest” on his invitation). I’d love to see that conversion take place, and the resulting political changes. Then I’d like to see Mary there too, because how cool would that be to see those two together.



I’d like to see PJPII, Bl Mother Teresa and my Babcia… I miss her and I have alot of questions I’d like to ask her.

I’d really like to see M. Sanger and ask her why she thought birth control would be liberating

I’d like to have one of the dissenting judges from Roe v Wade and ask why they didn’t push to overturn the ruling.

And I’d love to see Mary… and thank her for her choice in choosing life and telling God yes.

I know… you asked for three… :slight_smile: So the others are just in case I get “no” for an answer.


My first choice would be my grandfather, he died a number of years ago and my husband has never met him. Then it would be John Paul II, St. Paul, and Dr. George Washington Carver. I know, just three, but it’s tough!!!


These were interesting choices from last year. Let’s continue with our choices of 3 guests at Thanksgiving Dinner this year!!

Be Creative!


This is an interesting question. I’d have to say that I’d invite Almanzo, Laura and Rose Wilder (from the Little House books) to our Thanksgiving dinner table.
I tend to lose sight of what’s important in life due to all the chaos surrounding our ever-busy world. They came from a simplistic time and knew what to value. It’d be nice to talk to them and hear their stories. :slight_smile:


A homeless person, a drug-addict, and a prostitute.


Three people who need the food and good times. We’d talk about whatever the guests wished to talk about.


This is my choice too… I have done this in the past…invite someone you know can’t afford dinner, they are so uplifted and so am I.


My granny, because I would love to introduce my son to her.

The child we lost to a tubal pregnancy.

A nun, I never knew here name, but, she was the first nun I ever spoke to (I was 10 years old and in a hospital) and she showed me that Catholics were Christians too. She planted a seed that led to my conversion.


I wouldn’t invite anybody who has died, simply because I don’t want to cut into their good time in Heaven (the people I would invite would be in Heaven). I mean, Thanksgiving on earth has got to pale in comparison. Would any of them want to go?

I will just stick with those who come every year for Thanksgiving, and extend an imaginary plane ticket we can’t afford to my husband’s aunt and uncle. They are dear people, and getting on in years.


Mary…would like to talk about women, wives, mothers, daughters and her relationship with her son

Judas Iscariot…I want the story

Pontias Pilate…just for grins and giggles

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