What A Blessing At My Parish Weekday Mass Today!


The Sanctuary Bell rang to begin Mass and four priests walk to the altar. One, a short priest wearing glasses. He looked familiar.

Our pastor, one of the four, walked up to the ambo and introduced Cardinal Arinze ! His Eminence prayed today’s Mass.

I was there for worship, not a photoshoot, but I had to get a couple of photos.

I will cherish this day for the rest of my life !
Deo gratias


How wonderful! What a special day for you!


Sorry, I am jealous. This is so a reminder to attend daily mass, you never know what blessings may come. Thanks for sharing!


Been a while since I got teary-eyed at Mass.

He’s one if my favorite Cardinals.


Daily Mass is indeed a blessing. Some live in areas that don’ t have access to one.

Those of us that do should not take it for granted !


I have not heard of him, but a Cardinal! How wonderful. I will check him out.


An apostle of common sense!


Yes there are many videos on YouTube of him. Very orthodox Cardinal.


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