What a blessing on All Saints Day!

Hi everyone,

Well, this weekend I found out my boyfriend has been seeing another person behind my back. I was devastated. I was so angry and hurt, I didn’t know how to express it. So I decided to pray. During the Eucharistic Prayer, I tried to pray in tongues. I wanted peace so badly. Then the priest asked us to pray to our patron saints and ask for their prayers. When he said that, I immediately called out to my three patrons: St. Therese the Little Flower, St. Faustina, and Joan of Arc. For a split second I saw three veiled women kneeling at the altar, and I heard in my heart that they were praying for me and listening. I felt so peaceful after that. God is so good. and He takes care of everyone.
Also, people, pray to saints! I think they get a big kick out of interceeding for us.

Thanks. God bless!

wow :slight_smile: that must have been really encouraging. I also asked Saints and in particular St Therese to pray for me today. It was a beautiful Mass even though I was struggling with something. I feel like their intercession has helped me too.

i’m sorry about your boyfriend…that’s a terrible thing to do. :frowning:

but rest assured Christ is holding you closer to His Heart in times of suffering :hug1:

*My special thoughts to you Jeanne,
St. Therese (“The Little Flower”) is such a loving and patient Saint who wants all of us to know how special we can be and how easy it is to love the Child Jesus. She has a special place in many of our hearts especially on “ALL SAINT’S DAY”!
I’m sorry about your boyfriend, but happy to know that the Saints above can intercede in the best ways … allowing us to know good from bad. My prayers are with you as your heart is on the mend.
God Bless,
Angel Face

Thank you so much. Therese made me know the awesome power and love of God, even though I’m really not worthy. I appreciate the prayers.


Today is a very blessing indeed.
St. Therese the Little Flower and St. Faustina are also my favorite.

Today, I continued read part of the St. Faustina’s diary and it was the part she prayed the Litany of the Saints for her country. I prayed about it and tonight I asked 7 seminarians to pray with me the Litany. We gathered at the Chapel with many images of the saints including a big statue of St. Therese.

I say a prayer for you tonight that you will find peace, strength, as well as forgiveness in your heart. Continue to pray for your vocation in life … God allowed you to see what you saw today could be more than just giving you peace … Who knows someday, you become a nun like the Saints - St. Therese and St. Faustina.

God bless!

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