What a day!


**Where do I begin???

How about the short version?

Hubby was repairing a leaky toilet (that I posted briefly about before) which did some damage to the subfloor.

Hit a water pipe with the skill saw.

Couldn’t find the house water shut off valve.

Had insane amounts of water pouring into our basement. Think Niagra Falls.

Called 911, were told to evacuate since the water was so close to our electrical panel.

Grab Lily and the dog, can’t find the cat and go outside and wait for help. Sit on sidewalk and cry with Lily since I am wondering if we are gong to have a ton of damage or if our house might catch on fire or explode or something.

Firemen come and turn it off. Plumber comes an repairs the damaged pipe.

So now everything is ok but I have had enough adrenaline coursing through my body today that I feel like I’ll be awake for a week. It was very scary. I keep shaking.**


You have my sympathies Malia!

I suppose it was the panic that caught you off guard. I’m real sorry it happened like that and I hope you don’t have too much damage.

I’ll be praying for you! :hug3:

p.s It’s just a little bit worse than the time one of our kitchen ‘fitters’ drilled straight into our main water pipe. He put his finger into the hole, and then called his dad for help. :rolleyes: Luckily, we knew where the shut off valve was.


I’d suggest a nice hot bath, but, I’ve a feeling that water is the last thing that would calm you right now :slight_smile:

How about you come over this evening for a nice glass of wine? I’m cooking a brown rice casserole :slight_smile:


WOW, that’s awful!

Sending you a hug, Malia! :hug3:

And one for Lily, too! :hug3:

I hope you didn’t get too much damage. I hate water damage; it makes such an awful smell - the only thing worse is smoke damage.



You’re right about the panic… all in all everything is ok now and except for our bank account (plumber:shrug:) we don’t seem to have much damage.

It was mostly the whole fright of the water and electricity being so close together and hearing “I want you to evacuate the house NOW” from the 911 dispatcher that really did a number on me. Plus seeing hubby drenched under an uncontrollable water fall (I can’t even begin to explain how much water was coming from such a tiny hole!!!) and not knowing how to fix it was so hard.

And just last week we had an electrical problem that, if it wasn’t accidentally found by my hubby and dad while they did something unrelated, could have caused a serious fire… and it was something that was not done right by the BUILDER!!! that was 9 years ago!!! We are just plain lucky (and have some guardian angels who we owe overtime to;)) that nothing bad came of it.

So add this to the fact that hubby will be leaving for 8 months and it was just a little too much stress.

Plus, it didn’t help to have the cute firemen come and “rescue” us while I’m in my ratty old house clothes and hadn’t had a shower yet, lol:p


WOW glad you’re ok!!!


Oh, Malia, I found your post about your water incident! You must be calming down now to be able to call it an “incident” I would have and will call it a “water catastrophe”.

I hope you and Lily are okay after all of this, your husband too, he can’t be feeling too good about this!

Brenda V.



Awwww Malia! Sorry for your problems… wondering if it is something in the air or in the water cause I had a bad day too… but no water falls (yet).

Let’s look on the bright side… this didn’t happen on Sat evening… trust me, you cannot find a plumber on a Sat evening! My water heater busted on a Sat night and took out my furnace (in March no less) no heat or hot water until Tuesday at the earliest!!! Try replacing a furnace and water heater the same day. Oh yeah… this happened exactly 5 days after the property settlement in my divorce so I couldn’t even ask for half the cost in the settlement.

Now aren’t ya glad you aren’t me???


Yikes!!! that sounds awful!:frowning:


and yet I survived it and can laugh about it… see it isn’t all bad… On the good side… I got a brand new water heater and furnace that were high efficiency… gas bill went down big time.


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