What a difference 1 year makes

Around this time last year…I was so obsessed with trying to prove the catholic church wrong via researching conspiracy theories, scripture, ant-catholic websites, etc.

I was so upset, scared, and in deep despair at the thought of the Catholic Church being “the real deal” mainly because they dont believe in OSAS, Sola Scripture, Sola Fide, etc.

I kept researching and the more and more I did it, the more truth I found in the church and lies I been told by anti-catholics. This made me miserable and I went into a deep depression and despair during this time.

Now almost a year later around this same time I been searching obsessively and full of anxiety over the internet trying to prove to myself that those conspiracy theories, misinterpreted scriptures, and anti-catholic website are wrong and in reality, catholicism is “the real deal”…Lately I been questioning whether I am a fool for following the Church and fearing I’m just another pawn in their alledged pagan and satanic religion

because if I find out that the catholic church is not “the real deal”…I would feel lost and possibly in danger of a life full of depression, despair, and doubt.

I need the catholic faith like I need water, oxygen, and food

So can anybody help me out and give me good reasons why our church is the one true church?

God’s authority rests in His Church.
All non-catholic groups claim scripture as their authority, we claim
God as our authority.

If you present the things that you find troubling, perhaps we can address those more specifically.

Speaking from my own experience of coming “Home”, I’d have to say that it is its history, consistency in teaching and most of all The Holy Eucharist.

If you want my personal opinion, I think that you are thinking too hard…:whacky::banghead::hypno:

You have already stated that you, “need the catholic faith like I need water, oxygen, and food”.
That should be sufficient to the needs.
Why do you feel compelled to disprove every wacko anti-catholic site and argument?
These things are like weeds…they will just keep springing up…

Just keep the faith and turn your face to God - let the dead bury the dead…


At the end of the day it comes down to faith. You can educate yourself on anything until your eyes bleed, and at the end of learning it all, you just have to have faith that what you have learned is true and authentic. Because – anyone can find reasons to dis-believe anything they want if they try hard enough. Denying is easy - faith is harder by far.

Welcome home, by the way! Welcome home! :thumbsup:


You’ve probably heard most or all of these, but they still hold true:

*]The only church in existence from the time of Christ (“I will be with you til the end of time, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.”)
*]Can trace its heritage all the way to St. Peter, Jesus’ own chosen shepherd.
*]The only church who has NEVER changed its stance on any doctrine, regardless of the prevailing zeitgeist.
*]Jesus wanted his church to be united, and St.Paul himself implores us all as Christians to be “of one mind.” Most Protestant denominations and theologies continuously erode and splinter from within, and even those which do maintain a level of consistency DID NOT EXIST FOR OVER 1500 YEARS after Christ with the exception of the Orthodox church (1000+ years later.) See the quotation at the end of point one for emphasis on the importance of this point.
*]“By their fruit shall you know them.” While scandal has followed the Church through history, it comes as little surprise to the faithful who heed the words of their savior. Jesus warned that evil would come out of his church and never cease trying to destroy it. Just look at the amplification and exaggeration of the Church’s problems in the secular media (and we all know who the ruler of “this” * world is.) Nevertheless, look at how much more fruit the Church has produced. Literally thousands of the holiest people to ever walk the Earth. Covering all walks of life, God has provided us with a wealth of inspiration for whatever path is closest to our hearts. He has given us the humble poverty and self giving and love of creation of St. Francis, the repentance, conversion, zeal and brilliance of St. Augustine, the simple yet profound path of love e of St. Therese, the towering intellect and still (700 years later) heavyweight champion of theology and founder of modern law (his philosophy is heavily relied upon for our modern justice system) of St. Thomas Aquinas. Not to mention the invention of public education, universities, and hospital systems. The list could go on for hours.
*] The writings of the early Christians reflect a very thoroughly Catholic theology. I strongly recommend you read Jimmy Akin’s “The Fathers Know Best.”

This is hardly exhaustive, but I hope it will be a help in your search. I will pray that God will bring your heart to peace in the fullness of His truth.*

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