What a great feeling!

Continuing from my last thread, ‘Can’t stop thinking about it…’, so many people have been interested in MY interest of joining the church. This makes me soo happy, it’s nice to know that people WANT to know. And everyone has helped me understand how to connect to God and Jesus a little more,bit by bit. I’ve even had other 16 year olds help me, which is re-assuring. :blush:

I’ve been taking everyones advice and I prayed to God last night. It was a little arkward because I had never done it before, but I asked God to help me get better, as well as dad letting me attend mass.

My friend who is a devote catholic has helped me and told me that I can go to chatechism at my local parish.

It’s so nice that i’m getting all this support.
Cheers Everyone! :thumbsup:
God Bless.
Hayley x

Aw, how wonderful Hayley! :hug1: Thank you for posting such a positive, upbeat message! I will keep you in my prayers… as you discern your call to the Catholic Church. And may your journey be a joyful one! God bless you.

MV :flowers:

(p.s. My great-grandma Hill was from Wales! But I don’t know which part :smiley: )

I am soo happy that you have that you have found your home. :slight_smile:

It is so nice to hear about your interest in the Church. Keep us informed on your journey. :smiley:

Our prayers are with you! May God sustain the enthusiasm you now have! Duc in altum! :thumbsup:

:heart: That’s so great Hayley!!! :slight_smile: keep us updated!! God bless you sister hugs and remember, just talk to God as you would to a good friend, be open and sincere with Him… He understands everything that’s on your heart… and I’m sure it pleases Him so when we take even a few moments to talk to Him! :slight_smile: that’s so exciting about your journey!!! Hope everything goes well

We’re with you! God Bless!:thumbsup:

h a y l e y. :heart:
of course we’re all interested in your interest of joining the Church, hayley—we all truly love you and care about you, and want to help you, support you, encourage you and lift you up! :slight_smile: i’m so glad to hear that you’re happy—please know that we are always here for you, and that if you’d ever like to talk more personally about anything at all, i am always here and will always care, so you don’t ever have to hesitate to contact me. :heart: i hope and pray that my post helped you in at least some small way, and will definitely keep you in my constant thoughts and prayers. i will pray that you grow closer to God as He draws you to Himself in Love, and that your father will allow you to attend Mass frequently, so that you can continue to grow and mature in the True Faith. that’s so wonderful to hear that you prayed to God last night, hayley! i just know that He couldn’t be happier to hear from you, for He loves you so much more than you could ever imagine or comprehend. that’s okay if it felt a little awkward—definitely keep growing in prayer, and over time, it will become more natural for you. i trust that God will answer your prayers and also draw you close to Himself. i’m so glad that your devout Catholic friend is helping you, and that you can attend Catechism! i am so excited for you, hayley, and will definitely be thinking of you and praying for you. please know that if you ever need more support, you are always welcome here. stay strong, stay safe and take care of yourself. God bless you! :slight_smile: :heart:

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison :heart:

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