What a pleasant surprise

This morning after Mass, I was talking to our parish priest, (FSSP), and learned that our parish is about to welcome an associate priest who’s coming to learn the Extraordinary Rite.

When I laughed and told him that I had been praying daily for more priests, he smiled and said that I needed to stop praying,
…because all day yesterday, there were five N.O. priests from our Diocese who had all come to learn to celebrate the Extraordinary Rite!

I love it!!:smiley:

Don’t listen to him; keep praying - you clearly have the inside track on such prayers - just pray that it’s widespread and not so localized.:smiley:

:smiley: ROTFL!!:smiley:

Will do! :smiley:

Way to pray!
Question, though: What exactly is the Extraordinary Rite?

Yes - you do :wink:

Thank you for the continued prayers - although I am not a Traditionalist in the same sense as is talked about here, I see the value in giving people the option:)

Brenda V.

The Latin Mass

The Traditional Latin Mass also known as the Mass of Ages and the Tridentine Mass.

Remember the Novus Ordo can be celebrated in Latin.


No, Latin Masses can come in two forms.

The Extraordinary rite is the 1962 usage, which is NEVER in anything BUT Latin, uses slightly different (usually longer) prayers and scripture readings, and necessarily has the priest facing the Tabernacle, communion on the tongue and kneeling, no Chalice for laypeople, and other notable differences.

The Ordinary Rite CAN have most of these things, but is much much more frequently entirely in the vernacular, with priest facing the congregation, communion standing up etc etc.

Sorry, I meant the TLM

Keep praying - and could you put in a good word for us here in the Greensburg and Altoona-Johnstown, Pa Dioceses? Please?

We need all the help we can get!! lol!!

:slight_smile: Done!

For anyone interested, here’s a link to the prayer.


Let’s all try to call it the “Mass of John XXIII” - that was a brilliant masterstroke by HH - it really puts a knot in the shorts of those wanting to denigrate it.


Mass of the Ages?

And just WHAT is the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom or Ss Addai and Mari, which are both older? Chopped liver?

or here is a little prayer said after the rosary before Mass or at home…repeat each line once

O Lord, grant us priests!
O Lord grant us holy priests!
O Lord, grant us many holy priests!
O Lord grant us many holy vocations!

St Pius x
Pray for us

Well, Addai and Mari is a little chopped since Catholics who use it are required to insert an institution narrative.:rolleyes:

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