What a Preist said


This is an update on my dream about speaking with Jesus and him showing me an old scroll written in old hebrew.
This is his answer to that.

Dear Charles I am not an interpreter of dreams. One possible connection is with the old testament that in its original language was old hebrew. Fr. Manuel


If this is from Jesus, he will make it clear to you. In these situations, assume nothing extraordinary until all else has been ruled out. And don’t keep picking at it.


LOL! Im not picking at it, some people asked me to let them know what the preist said so I was just posting the answer for them. LOL! Im not picking at it, I know for myself it was a message for me.
Any dream where you sit down and Jesus speaks with you I feel is always extraordinary.

Take care, be blessed!


It is a real blessing.

But always keep in mind, any supernatural type experience always has to be subjected to Scripture and Church teaching. If it contradicts them, it is definitely not of God.



More often than not, dreams are just dreams. Your brain has signals going through it all the time. When you are awake, the outside world helps you make sense of those signals- they become sights and sounds and stimulations that use the other senses. When you are asleep, you don’t have that stimulation- you don’t see anything, you block sounds out- so you don’t perceive hearing as much (that’s why fire alarms are really loud), you aren’t moving, so there isn’t much to feel, you aren’t eating or doing anything that would make you taste or smell different things- so your brain turns to your memories to deal with the random signals- that is how dreams occur.

Most of the time, your experiences in your sleep are one of two things: dreams, and physical stimuli from the world that are strong enough to affect you while you’re asleep (a fire alarm, someone pinching your nose if you’re snoring too loud, falling out of bed, etc.).

Sometimes, people have spritual encounters in their sleep- these aren’t the same thing as dreams, but it could be easy to confuse the two, because these spiritual encounters are far less common. If God is telling you something, He’ll make sure you understand it.


As i explained to someone, you should not put stock in dreams. dreams are what they are, dreams. nothing else.


Dreams are just dreams, No, I do not agree. I believe when you are asleep is when you are truly awake. I believe that we are blinded by our consciousness and when we sleep is when your spirit can take center stage where its suppose to be in the first place. We are spirit first.
Now some dreams are just from eating that Big-Mac late at night.


I agree. I trust in my spirit to lead me to the truth.


Once again, I disagree.
Im not saying all dreams are spiritual but I think if you keep having spiritual dreams that in your dream you know that youare dreaming and Jesus keeps speaking with you, I take it as something special!
I realized how easy it is to discard dreams or other encounters with Jesus or God but people who say they encountered Satan its more likely to taken as truth,not saying all but people accept that more.

Love you guys!
But like I said to another reply, That Big-Mac late at night can also give you some serious dreams!!:smiley:


The dream means that Jesus and the scriptures must have some importance to your subconscious. However I couldn’t interpet further.


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