What a sad world we live in




Oh my goodness. At that age we were thinking about what we were going to study and what jobs we want to get.

I cannot believe that a powerful, independent and advanced country like USA and this is happening. Here is South Africa girls do get pregnant young but they soon learn their lessons or their older sister makes the mistake of getting pregnant very young.

When I think about how expensive Pampers Nappies and Nan formula is I want to cry and thank God that my kids 7 years and 10 years are out of nappie and bottle stage.

Do they not do campaigns in the schools regarding teenage pregnancy. I work for the Health Dept and we have been doing lots of campaigns regarding Teenage Pregnance, HIV AIDS and TB etc. HIV is very high here is SA and really we are trying to get things in order.

But we need to educate our kids and teach them the right way and sleeping around at such an early age is a sin having sex before marriage is a sin.


When I read news stories like that I have to remind myself that it’s not a sad world we live in, but a world that has sad moments. I say this because it helps to remind me that good things happen every day so long as we look for them.

Perfect example, I went to my parent’s house last night and my 16-month old niece was there. She saw me and scooted down from her mom’s arms and ran right to me with a big smile on her face. That small moment made everything in the world right for a moment.


In this country they pass out condoms to teenagers in the public schools. You can’t mention sin or religion. America has lost its morals.


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