What a Woman Who Survived Her Own Abortion Said Before the U.S. Congress

see godandscience.org/doctrine/jessen.html
This is a transcript of what she said. A person with great faith, she tells about her failed abortion and the life she has lived since then.


thanks for sharing this. praying for the end to abortion.

Wow that was profoundly disturbing on so many levels. How someone could murder a baby 24 hours before and expect to dispose of its corpse, then call an ambulance when that same baby comes out alive instead of dead. And then it left this dear woman permanently disabled with cerebral palsy. Such a disgusting abomination abortion is.

Yes, it is disgusting! And how beautifully our loving Lord can change this into good by His loving grace!
How awesome her testimony.

Lord Jesus Christ, help me to remember to trust You in all the circumstances of my life.

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