“What a Wonderful Compliment!”: Bishop Tobin of Rhode Island Celebrates Being Targeted as Enemy of Abortion


see https://churchpop.com/2018/07/02/what-a-wonderful-compliment-bp-tobin-of-ri-celebrates-being-targeted-as-enemy-of-abortion/

“This message projected onto the R.I. State House at a recent pro-abortion rally says: “Bishop Tobin does not speak for R.I.” So the pro-aborts identify me as their enemy. What a wonderful compliment!” --a tweet from Bishop Tobin.


That is a nice compliment.


He’s s Great Man!


Pro-Choicers: I know what we’ll do. We’ll call him a despicable enemy of our movement. He’ll be forced to acquiesce. No one can stands against us calling them a bigot.
Bishop: n00bs.


And if he or others give in, they will be called “hypocrites”. So it’s a “no-win” set-up.


I mean, he’s not wrong.


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