What about 2012?


Hey everyone I’m Eva, and new member of this website. I want information on 2012. Do Catholics believe this is the End of Days? I am very interested on this topic.


I don’t believe there is any official stances on 2012 by the Church, but have you heard of the Prophecy of Popes by Saint Malachy? Saint Malachy predicted there will be one more pope after Benedict XVI. It actually really co-relates with the whole 2012 thing. I don’t necessarily believe it, but I’m really waiting to see what 2012 will bring. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes


Why should the false prophecies of a people who practiced human sacrifice and did not know God have any meaning for Christians of any kind?


It says in sacred scripture that no one knows, except God the Father, when He will say “enough” and end our days in exile.

Since the Mayans, whose calendar is used to propagate a 2012 end of time scenario, had not the truth of God as evidenced by their use of human (and worse, child) sacrifice to their snake god Quetzalcoatl (whom could this be known as under another name?) we should dismiss this as lies from the father of lies and waste not another second of thought or another word on it lest it lead to the scandal of legitimatizing it further.


Thanks for the reply. I have heard of those prophecies. I just want as much information on the subject. Thanks again.


What prophecies? Aren’t they just the end of a phase in the Mayan long count calandar?


You know not the day nor the hour. And presumably, not the year either.

We’re all going to die eventually. Momento Mori. Keep your soul clean for today, don’t wait until 2012 to chase some prophecy.


All that happens to the Mayan calendar in 2012 is that it resets to 0, they did not believe that this was the end.

As for he Prophecy of Popes by Saint Malachy, that is a hoax and was not from St Malachy.

The Lord as told us that we will not know the time or season of the end.


Here’s a good summary on the end times in the catechism:


You’ll also find a lot of prophecies from saints that go into more detail, but they all pretty much follow the framework in the CCC.


The Mayan Calendar means nothing at all to me, nor am I in any way a believer in numerology. But in conversation with an Oriental (mizrachi) Jew a couple of years ago, I was told that according to Hebrew numerological theory, the year 5999 on the Hebrew calendar is the end. Currently the year is 5769 so according to that theory we have 230 yet to come. I know there will be those who ask if I believe it. As far as I’m concerned (and this was also the opinion of the speaker) it’s a myth. But whatever, I don’t much care: I won’t be around to tell if it’s true or not. Someone else will have to worry about it :stuck_out_tongue:


you need the Mayan forum, not a Catholic forum. no this is not a Catholic idea. The Catholic idea is that Christ told us you know not the day, nor the hour so live your lives constantly ready for the end of your own life on earth, and the end of the earth and prepared to enter the Kingdom. there is no such thing as the prophesy of Malachy it is a fraud which has been debunked many times.


Information on 2012?? It comes before 2013 when we will all be laughing about such stupid end of days prophecies!


I would normally dismiss such date setting immediatley. But there are so many prophecies that deal with out time, what we are going through now, and what is to come, that I wonder if something will coinside with this date.

Here’s my reason for wondering. The devil is extremely intelligent. Although he does not know the future, he can make some very good guesses. Now, the New Agers who are setting this date are of the devil. The New Age movement is, without a doubt, from the devil. So, if the devil believes that something significant might happen in 2012, it would make sense to me that he himself (through his false movements), might predeict it so as to be able to give credibility to his false movements, such as the New Age movement.

That, combined with all of the prophecies that seem to be pointing to something significant happening very soon, make me wonder if there might be something to that date.

For the record, I don’t think it is the end of time, but more along the lines of the end of an era (the “5th age of the Church”, as prophecies by Holhauser - not sure how to spell his name).


All such prophecies are rubbish and none of these fraudulent predicted dates mean any more than the others which have ALL proved to be false, as will this one.
I actually think any Catholic who thinks there might be even a hint of truth in such ridiculous predictions is probably committing a grave sin against the First Commandment.


I would extremely caution 2012 as the Doomsday. Time will come to pass after 2012 AD and it will be just another regular day.

People should concern themselves about their daily lives and if they live up to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church, which is the Catholic Church.


Really, It is a mortal sin against the first commendment to think there might be a hint to the truth of an alledged prophecy?

Let’s check you knowledge of mortal sins agains the first commandment: Do you also consider it a mortal sin against the first commandment for John Paul II the Great to have invited Hindus, Budhist, Witch Doctors, and a vareity of othei false religions to Assisi, and provide them with a special room where they could commit the mortal sin against the first commandment -namely, false worship. Do you consider that a mortal sin on the part of John Paul II. If not, why not?


These acts are invitation not partake of the worship. John Paul II the Great. John Paul II was an man of open dialogue, but his belief are completely orthodox in Catholicism.

He never declare that these men are saved because they worship falses gods. Second, Buddhism does not believe in the deity at any rate. Buddhism focuses on enlightenment of the soul, the inner person…

Second what document do you have to make such claims?

Thirdly, to commit a mortal sin. It must meet three conditions.

  1. Grave Condition.

  2. Full Consent of the Will.

  3. Full Acknowledgement.

All these three must be meet in order to make a sin mortal.


Two points:

  1. People have been predicting the end of the world for sometime now. First, it was sometimes in the 1800’s, then 1914 (Jehovah’s Witnesses, I believe), then 2000 was a popular pick, now 2012. Only God knows.

  2. Even if 2012 is the last year of human history, we should be living a clean, sin free life as much as possible, because we don’t know when our particular time is up, and not just human civilization.


In addition, this blog refutes the accusations against Pope John Paul, the Great.


Read it and weep.


John Paul II may not have taken part in their false worship (which is a mortal sin against the first commandment), **but he encouraged **it. It was a scheduled even in his “prayer meeting”.

Considering that sins against the first commandment are, by nature, the most grave of all sins, what would we say if John Paul II invited abortion doctors to Rome, had an abortion scheduled, and provided them with a room to do it? That would be a mortal sin, and it is exactly what he did IN PUBLIC FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE at Assisi.

And being the Pope, he could not be excused for ignorance, which might have excused those who actually committed the sin. Rather than teaching them the truth, he encouraged them to commit an objective mortal sin.

BTW, you can find the Assisi Apostacy on youtube. In it, you will see the arrival of the Witch Doctor being greete by John Paul II, and the Buddhist monks placing a statue of Budha on the Catholic altar and worshipping it. That is on the video.

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