What about a book called "Eugenics"?

Hello, I am an older :slight_smile: returning student to a junior college and am taking a Psychology class on the Human Lifespan. Let me say first that I am a devout Catholic and believe all that the Church proposes for our believe. Having said that, my teacher showed a large slide image of a book that was put out in the 1930s called Nature’s Secret’s revealed, Scientific Knowledge of the Laws of Sex life and Heredity, or EUGENICS. Published by the S.A Mulliken Company with an Introduction by Bishop Samuel Fallows D.D. LLD. Well, in an effort to explain how thoughts about how genes were thought of back then (for example, apparently the book mentions staying racially pure…I’m not sure) my teacher was quick to point out that the “Church” had signed this and how one man (meaning Hitler) had used this book to guide his reasoning on his atrocities (e.g. Jewish extermination, having a “pure” race). I wanted so much to stand up and shout because I was sure the understanding was wrong but I have NO background with this and I could not read the fine print on the inside cover of the book which was shown to use on a slide show. Was there an imprimatur on this book? I don’t think so, I think the forward was just written by the Bishop which certainly doesn’t give necessarily Church approval but I would like to know so I can quietly go and correct her. Any information you can give is much appreciated.

Dear friend,

Just because he was a bishop does not mean that he was a Catholic. Actually, he was a Reformed Episcopalian. So the “church that signed on” was not the Catholic Church. There’s information on him. Just Google his name. That’s what I did.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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