What about an R rated movie shown at church?

Our priest promoted a movie, “Into Temptation”, to be shown at church for a parish movie night. He talked about it in his homily. He said everyone should come who is 18 or older. The movie had pronagraphic scenes (full body nudity of a woman doing a dance in a peep show). A priest actor in the movie was searching for a protitute who came to him in confession and said she was going to kill herself. The film had fifthy language, including the Lord’s name in vain many times. None of this added to the plot. It was meant for shock value. At one point the priest thumbs through a porno magazine he picked up at a store. the priest’s old girlfriend shows up and he talks with her about how he still thinks about her. He performs a baptism "In the name of the Father, Mother, son, and Holy Spirit for a parishioner who hates the chirch for what she feels is a bias against women. There is another priest at a rich parish who is portrayed as a bafoon going through the motions with his congregation. My husband and I were in shock. My husband shielded his eyes for the sexual scenes. We did stay to find some reason for the movie promotion and never found any. What was our parish priest thinking? We will talk to him, but I wonder if you now anything about this movie.

Dear friend,

Your bishop needs to know about this. Write him what you wrote here and sign your name so that you will be credible. You and your parish are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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