What about being a God mother for a non-Catholic?

My sister left the Catholic church when she married her husband, and they now belong to a “Calvary Bible-type” church. They recently had a baby and I am trying to prepare myself if they ask me or my daughter to be a God mother (my daughter and I are both Catholic). So I have two questions…1) does their type of religion qualify as valid baptism, and 2) if it is a valid baptism and I do agree to be her God mother, would it be wrong of me to try to convert their daughter to Catholicism, and should I warn them that that is what I’ll do? - Thank you


I expect that the baptism will be valid. You may be the Godmother’ But you do need to tell her that if you are, you will bring her up as a Catholic if called on to take charge of the child’s spiritual life. How could you do otherwise, knowing what you know!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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