What About "Bikini Brain"


Studies have shown that this is normal for men. Read the article.

A Princeton University psychologist reported last week at a scientific conference that men objectify women who wear revealing bathing suits.

One can wonder why something as obvious as this phenomenon — sometimes dubbed “bikini brain” — requires “proof” from empirical studies like the one conducted by Princeton University psychology professor Susan Fiske.

But obvious or not, Fiske’s research does highlight some important points. Along with confirming that men objectify immodestly dressed women, she found this effect is not something men can entirely control


This is the reason I would say no matter what a persons dress at home you should consider how you dress in public.

***And, when a man does see an immodestly dressed woman, the objectification appears to extend to interactions they have later with other women who are not dressed in the same way. ***
According to a CNN article about Fiske’s research, the Princeton psychologist wasn’t willing to draw a broad conclusion that immodest dress is something that should be avoided. But, she suggests, immodest images might not be appropriate in settings like the workplace, where they could cause men to objectify their co-workers.

I go one further. If someone dresses for sex then that person can not complain when others look at them sexually.

Given the reality of how porn dehumanizes women, the teaching of the Catechism of Catholic Church regarding pornography seems the only reasonable approach.
States the Catechism , “It does grave injury to the dignity of its participants (actors, vendors, the public), since each one becomes an object of base pleasure and illicit profit for others. It immerses all who are involved in the illusion of a fantasy world. It is a grave offense. Civil authorities should prevent the production and distribution of pornographic materials” (no. 2354).

Great post, Kathleen. Thank you.

from the article:

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) – It may seem obvious that men perceive women in sexy bathing suits as objects, but now there’s science to back it up.

Duh! Ya think? How much did they spend on this study?

In further developments, water is wet, the Sun rises in the East and everybody dies eventually.

What we know through Faith
must (at times) be proven to those
at the center of liberal “thought.”

Science: Proving the obvious since 1970.

I have had people tell me that the man just needs to not look with “lust” at women that dress provocatively. But this study is saying that it is hard wired and if this is the case then at least Christian women IMHO should not dress so as to make others sin. No not a burka. How about just not skin tight for a start?

Elijah didn’t die. :stuck_out_tongue:

Neither did Enoch. :smiley:

Men are VISUAL-the theory that we are so visual comes from millenia of hunting animals for food.It also explains our enjoyment of team sports and superior spatial perception.

I personally resent provocatively dressed or undressed women especially when I vacation in the Caribean and all these North American and European skanks find it necessary to display their surgically enhanced mammaries to all and sundry.

I resent the reflexive reaction that it causes in me that I have not consented to.The people who’ve told you that the man just needs to not look with lust at women who dress or undress provocatively are either women or gay who have no understanding of masculine response.

It is offensive and calculated to get a reaction.I would almost typify it as aggressive behaviour on the part of the women.It also embarrasses other women.Recently in Mexico,I made a point of ostentaciously turning my head away from topless women on the beach and muttering various imprecations(so that they would hear)to let them know that they were being exhibitionistic and demeaning themselves and also to assuage the obvious discomfort of my girlfriend.

I also noticed that it was ONLY North American and European women NOT Mexican women who behaved with so much lack of self respect.

Yes I have also see that those that dress without considering those that see them are North American and Western European. I also will agree it is usually a woman that makes the comments I talked about.

The families that we spend time with are modest in dress and behavior and we like it that way. The ladies don’t have to worry about dress and the guys don’t ether.

You left out one group: men who like to look at immodestly dressed women.

Let’s face it–some men like it when women dress immodestly, and they encourage it. If men stopped looking (and if the media and fashion industry changed too) many women would dress differently.

Women, (particularly young women) don’t always distinguish bad attention from good attention. As the article later notes, “women should be aware of how they are perceived when they wear provative clothing.” Many women honestly are not aware of it. They aren’t showing skin to “tempt” men to lust. They may simply want to look good and may interpret men’s glances as confirmation that they do. Hence, they may continue to dress inappropriately because they received “approval” for dressing immodestly.

While this research may tend to support what some of us already suspect, I’m glad to see the research being done and talked about. Many women have not been taught about the need for modesty.

I’ll add the usual caution to avoid ‘blaming the victim’ syndrome. Lack of prudence on the part of one party does not justify violations on the part of another party. It may be stupid of me to leave my wallet poking out of my back pocket in a tourist town, but the guy who steals it from me is still the criminal in the scenario!

Having just returned from a Hawaiian vacation, I’ll just say that the study is absolutely correct. Men suck. We’re all sinners. Have a little mercy on us, will ya?

You hit the nail on the head.

What came first the chicken or the egg?

I TRY not to look as it can become a near occassion of sin and I do not appreciate being tempted when I am trying to mind my own business.As I explained the man’s response to visual provocation is indeed hardwired and the physiological response is involuntary and immediate.It takes a good deal of will power to turn away.I would hazard that most men LIKE to look because like their female counterparts they have been conditioned by secular forces to consider such behaviour acceptable-just look at the public CELEBRATION of pornography by BOTH sexes.As I said I do not appreciate being exposed to the intimate charms of females NOT because I don’t “like” it but because it is a near occassion of sin that I am being INVOLUNTARILY being exposed to.It also demeans other women and embarrasses them.

Mothers should teach their daughters modesty.Fathers must instill respect for women in their sons.But if women don’t respect themselves how can they expect men to?

Still, beware blaming the victim.

I really doubt most women select sexually provocative clothes because they WANT to be perceived as meat instead of a human being. They just genuinely don’t understand the effects on men.

Give a man the choice between noticing your wit versus noticing your cleavage and 9/10 will see the boobs. It just is.

The VICTIM???Come on the majority of these women are adults and there are consequences to behaviour or at least there used to be before we enshrined Victimhood.Women have been on this earth as long as men have and they know EXACTLY the effects provocative clothing has on men or THEY WOULD NOT WEAR IT.Period.Please give them some credit and stop patronising them.

I’d like to suggest that it is hard-wired in the young female to lure the man, as much as it is hard-wired in the man to be susceptible to the lure. In young males & females, some of it is simply their prime imperative to be popular with the opposite sex. And it is somewhat innocent, though imprudent.

In today’s society, there is so much emphasis in over-stimulating the natural behavior, that the conditioned response is totally unnatural leading to the perverse.

If the woman is advertising it’s not unreasonable for men to think she’s either selling or at least giving away free samples.


My point is that this line of thinking can and does lead to the mindset where rapists get off because “she was asking for it.”

It wasn’t so far back in history when such arguments actually worked. Beware.

Given that society is very liberal regarding sexual issues, this could help show that what our society promotes is wrong. Yes Faith has already told us this. But this can help for those who have not yet accepted Faith.

Society today is the “broker” of sin. Male and female of any age are are the victims. Please remember that the women are just as much victims of the secular mind set (don’t worry about how you dress or act) so they say they are victims if someone looks or comments. Men are victims because society says they are not to react to the sexy images just look (this is unreasonable as an expectation).

Both sexes are responsible for their actions. Both parties should see themselves as also responsible for the reactions of those that react normally to outside stimulus.


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