What about closing with "In Christ and his mother" ?


A Protestant apologist of long-time acquaintance recently received a letter from a Catholic apologist who closed his letter with “In Christ and his mother” before his name. This was of no small bother to her, apparently, and she wants to know if this is consistent with Catholic theology.

I told her the truth: I don’t know, but I would ask. It makes sense to close with “In Christ,” seeing as we’re his body, but how can one be said to be “In. . . his mother”?

Thanks in advance for whatever help is provided.



Hey PV,

It’s a term of affection! She is very close to Him AND she is very close to us. He gave her to us as our mother as well. Catholics are not put off by His love for His mother. Nor should any Christians be!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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