What about crying during confession?

What about crying during confession? Does anyone have tears come when they are in the confessional?

Tears in the confessional, to me, are like the bath waters of Jesus’ forgiveness! Just let 'em flow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I never have, though I’ve come close afterwards.

Most of the confessionals around here will have a box of tissues close to hand for the penitent, so obviously plenty of people do. And I think it’s a fine thing.

I’ve done it before. Sometimes its just spontaneous and I just let it happen. Perhaps it’s the Spirit at work giving one deep contrition for their sins.

Not yet, but I’m still new at this:o

Nothing wrong about it. Letting sins out can be a very emotional thing for everyone, even the most hardened on the outside.

You bet! I cry. But it is like a weight lifted off my shoulders afterwards.

And I notice that I am not the only one who cries.


I come really, really close, and have actually cried a time or two, but I dislike being sad in public…too many questions! So I try to hide the evidence :o

No matter how mundane or benign I feel my sins may be at the time… for some reason, I cry more often than not during confession.

I usually don’t think it’s going to happen, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with my mood going in… but then, before I know it, I am overcome with silent tears and can hardly speak…

It’s embarrassing really, but I’m learning to accept it :slight_smile:

Nice to hear, because I just know I am going to cry like a baby when I make my first confession. Admission of guilt ALWAYS makes me cry, and 26 years worth of guilt is going to HURT :eek:

Cheer up, I had 55 years worth for my first confession. :crying: But I also had a whole hour face to face with a very undertsanding Priest, and that made all the difference. But if you do cry, the Priest will take in stride.

I always resolve not to cry before I go in. The first few confessions when I came back to the faith after a long time away, I started blubbering as soon as I opened my mouth. Now, I have much more control over myself, and I notice that the waterworks start when I hit a sin that I feel especially bad about, and sometimes I surprise myself with which sin it is that makes me want to cry.

O Jesus, who shall give my eyes a torrent of tears, that I may day and night weep over my sins? I beseech Thee by Thy bitter and bloody tears to move my heart, so that tears may flow in abundance from my eyes, and that I may weep over Thy sufferings and over my sins until death.

From the Franciscan devotion the Stations of the Cross

And sometimes they are tears of joy.

raising my hand here Yes, I cry too. There are times when I go to confession that I just cry and cry.

Yeah, our parish keeps boxes of tissues in the confessionals… and I’m always thankful for them!:o

Not long ago, as I was reciting the Act of Contrition following confession, out of no where the tears just flowed. It was kind of strange because my confession was kind of mundane and nothing really bad to confess. I had a hard time finishing the Act of Contrition, but once I did and was absolved of my sins I asked the priest for my penance and he said you have already taken care of that!


I have come very close to crying during confession several times. I have cried before confession plenty of times.

Tears of repentance for sin are mentioned in a range of spiritual writers. The Desert Fathers called the ‘gift of tears’ a second baptism which cleanses our heart of sin and makes us worthy of being a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, and is followed by great spiritual joy. So long as tears which are rightly given in contition for sin do not become morbid sadness or fear of God, they are good for the spiritual life, whether they occur in our outside confession.

Yup, sort of. Very humbling.


Hey, that’s a great idea to keep boxes of tissue nearby when confession is being heard. I bring my own and boy do I need it at times. God is good…all the time.

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