What about Father's statements re: Santa Claus?

At a recent parish Halloween function, our pastor gathered all the children together to give a short talk on Halloween as he has done every year. I did not hear his talk- I was setting up for the event. On the drive home, my 9 year old son told me last night that Father also told everyone in his talk that Santa was not real and that their parents gave them the presents. He was crushed. Lots (I dare say most) of the kids there still beleived in santa. I don’t want to make this a big deal, but it really bothered me. My son looks up to our priest (is talking about becoming a priest) and our pastor is a fine priest. Our priest is from a foreign country in Asia where Santa Claus is not big. I am on the Parish Finance Council, and I wanted to, in a charitable way, let Father know in private, and prior to the next Finance Council meeting what he did. How do i do this? Should I do anything?


Just tell him what you wrote here. It sounds like a cultural mistake. Even if he does not like or approve of Santa Claus, he is not going to change the culture by himself. The Church does not condemn Santa Claus. So parents may very well be irate.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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