What about Judaism?


Judaism is not a heresy, it is the predecessor of Christianity.

Are both premises in this statement correct?

Jews still have the Old Covenant.

Again, is this correct?

God never revokes or breaks His covenants or promises. And God did make promises to the Jews.

I know that as Catholics we pray for the conversion of the Jews (just as we pray for the conversion of all non-Christians and the reunion of all Christians). I also know that in the 1st century Church, her worst enemies were not the Romans, but the Jews.

Where exactly do the Jews stand in Catholic Theology?

In considering this issue, let us all keep good charity and avoid language which may be construed as anti-Semitic. :slight_smile:


I always found this interesting given that the religion of Jesus was Judaism, not Christianity.


Peregrino: No offence, but your comments regarding the religion of Jesus remind me slightly of a comment Archie Bunker once made. “You know, Jesus Himself was a Jew,” Edith said. “Yes,” Archie muttered in reply, “but only on his mother’s side.”

Judaism and Christianity centre around the worship of God, and Jesus was himself that God. Hence, does God have to go to mass? No, he is the mass.

Jesus was not randomly made a Jew. He was born one because the old covenant had to be fulfilled, since up until the Birth of Christ, Judaism was God’s chosen faith.

Also, when Jesus was born, Christianity did not yet exist, nor could he ever be born to a Christian family a little later on, since that would mean he wasn’t the Messiah.

He followed Jewish law because until His sacrifice, that was the will of His Father for the Righteous.

I’m sure that there are other people who can better explain the nature of the New/Old Covenant dichotomy.


Absolutely none taken. Though I am about as far on the other side of the political spectrum as you can get from Archie Bunker, I respect his truisms! :smiley:

Did Jesus say to stop following Jewish law (Halakha-the path one walks)? Did he abrogate Jewish Law? I don’t believe he did. When he said he came not to destroy but fulfill, I don’t believe that he meant “supercede”.

I don’t believe he was establishing an antinomian theology. In this sense I think Jesus was saying he was confiming the law when he said fulfill. Take further Matthew 5:18 where he says that not one bit of the law will pass away until heaven and earth pass away and all is fulfilled. It seems to me that Halakha might still be in effect. Perhaps the messianic Jews are on the right path. James (“the brother of the Lord”) and head of the Jerusalem church was also referred to as “camel knees” because he spent so much time in the temple on his knees praying for the people. It seems that he was continuing to practice Judaism for all intents and purposes!

I have never thought about these things before. Thanks for the stimulating comments.



I agree with the most of the contents of your post.


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