What about kissing baby statues?

Greetings and Peace be with you all.

I have been watching the extraordinary DVD by Fr. Barron, Catholicism…amazing. Very proud to be part of the authentic teaching and Church of Christ Jesus.

My concern is, when defending the Catholic faith on idolatry, I do a good job in doing so, but in DVD 1 and 2, it displays some scenes whereby people are kissing a statue of baby Jesus held in the arms of a priest.

I know the Church does not teach and forbids idolatry, but how to I defend that if a non-Catholic sees that and asks about it?

I was a bit confused myself on that particular scene as well.

God Bless


People kiss the statue of the Christ child just as they kiss the crucifix or an icon. Catholics realize that these things are not actually Christ. But such actions articulate physically their homage to the Person they represent. This is not a difficult concept to understand and accept. But such does require an open mind.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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