What about Mass in the case of terror attack/war?

With all the current events and threats around the world recently, it’s got me wondering. There are terrorists attacks that in theory could wipe out transportation, electronics, power, etc. If such a thing did happen, and we had to walk a couple of miles to get to Mass, with the possibility of danger if there was looting, etc. going on in the immediate aftermath, what are the guidelines for fulfilling our Sunday obligation? It may seem a bit scrupulous to ask, but myself and others I know have all wondered the same thing, as we have children and live a couple miles away from church. If such a thing ever happened, would possible danger and having to walk the distance be just cause to miss Mass? Hypothetically thinking, if it were just me, I would risk any potential danger and walk regardless of the cost, but with my children in mind I am genuinely wondering what I would do.

Diocese of Arlington:

Q: If there are conditions such as illness or severe weather, am I still obligated to attend Sunday Mass?

A: All baptized Catholics are obliged to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. However, there are particular circumstances or conditions that may excuse a Catholic from this obligation. If you are ill, homebound, or if there are severe weather conditions that make attending Mass dangerous to your safety or that of others, you are excused from the obligation.

If severe weather excuses from the Sunday obligation because of safety concerns, then certainly a terrorist attack/war would as well.

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